Requirements and Risks Related to Machinery on Construction Sites Essay

Chapter 5


5.1Introduction OF THE Chapter

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This is the concluding chapter of the thesis, which displays the sum-up of the thesis procedure and findings to stress the victory of the ends, which are the thesis purpose and aim. It shall dwell of all findings from all phases of the thesiss replying the aims, the decisions drawn from it and besides the recommendations.

In general, the survey has achieved the three aims as stated in chapter 1: –

  1. To place the current statutory demand related to machineries for building sites
  1. To look into the causes of the accident occur due to machineries on building sites
  1. To analyze the actors’ of consciousness with an accident at the building site of high rise edifice


In drumhead, this thesis consists of several methodological analysiss to accomplish the terminal consequences of safety process for building machineries: building actors’ and consciousness. The methodological analysis which includes development of thesiss, informations aggregations, diagnosing procedure, and concluding decisions and recommendations have been discussed in chapter 1 and chapter 4. From the literature reappraisal, the questionnaire is produced harmonizing the safety in building sites, issues related to machineries and statutory demand related to building safety. And, the range of survey is the undertaking implemented by the contractor on the big graduated tables of the building undertaking and the country of survey is limited to Klang Valley as mentioned in chapter 1.

In analysing the information collected, the per centum method is the method adopted to analyse the postal questionnaire study which has been discussed in chapter 4 based on the literature reappraisal on safety in building sites and consequences in finding on the portion of contractor as discussed in chapter 5.


5.3.1Identify the current statutory demand related to machineries for building sites

The first aim is to look into the current statutory demand related to machineries for building sites. The methodological analysis used for this thesis is the literature reappraisal. This aim is ab initio conducted with observations from articles and studies made by the several sections such as OSHA, JKKP, CIDB, and FMA. Mentions to books that are refering to related articles were besides done. These inputs give me thoughts to analyze on the peculiar subject. In Malaysia, the figure of fatal accidents at the building sites has been increasing throughout the twelvemonth. Thus, the authorities has made attempts to implement the compulsory ordinances such as Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994, Factories and Machinery Act 1967 and Regulations, and other applicable statutory ordinances that lay down the legal demands which are non merely to guarantee the Health and Safety workers at the work topographic point, but besides the populace every bit good. Therefore, the Safety and Health Act, Safety and public assistance of all employees is a premier concern of the site direction. It is the policy to stress to all employers and employees the demand to take a positive attack in expecting, forestalling and rectifying conditions, and patterns that may physically harmful to themselves or other individuals.

5.3.2Investigate the causes of the accident occur due to machineries on building sites

The 2nd aim is look intoing the causes of the accident occur due to machineries on building sites. The methodological analysis used for these thesiss would be fixing questionnaires and replies at building sites in the Klang Valley and site visit on the traveling building undertakings. Basic safety equipment is the most of import in the building industry and must be supplied and compulsory to be used among the workers on site. Therefore, accidents could be avoided and hence cut down the impact of it among the workers this is because workers are exposed to accidents that may go on. Such as basic equipments will cut down the hazard of accidents for the benefit of everyone. For illustration, by utilizing a safety belt at high rise constructing country apart from utilizing safety helmet and boot. It is useless, if there is supply this equipment, but workers are unwilling to utilize this equipment. This is of import to all the parties that are working together, to collaborate and be responsible in order to guarantee the usage of these basic equipments are mandatory to the workers. Training to workers besides of import because they how to raise, operates and used machineries. This is of import because to guarantee that machineries is in good conditions and follows the all ordinances when to utilize it.So, with preparation workers had trained, contractors besides have to supply one or more supervising to look into the worker when they erect or used the machineries to guarantee that workers to make the right thing, and to do certain the worker follow the safety safeguard guidelines before get downing work. It besides can minimise the hazard and to guarantee the workers follow the agenda or work plans. This aim is accomplished, therefore, it is easy for the employer to accomplish the civilization of safety work and zero accidents at the work topographic point for benefits all parties.

5.2.3Examine the actors’ of consciousness with an accident at the building site of high rise edifice.

The 3rd aim is to analyze the actors’ of consciousness with an accident at the building site of high rise edifice. The methodological analysis used for thesiss would be fixing questionnaires and replies at building sites in the Klang Valley and site visit on the traveling building undertakings. The actors’s in building sites which is undertaking director, safety officer, Engineer, Architect, Supervisor and qualified individual in buildings. Awareness in the building of really of import because it can better public presentation in a occupation. Not all employers emphasize about the degree of consciousness of employees. Furthermore, attempts to increase consciousness of employers, employees and the populace about the demand for a safe workplace, and no wellness risks requires much attempt and engagement of assorted parties. Effective security can merely be achieved when there is proper direction of the interaction between engineering and people. Accidents in the workplace can happen when “ people ” component probably to prosecute in behaviours that are safe and insecure harmonizing to their reading. The premier motive of safety civilization is the acknowledgment that the attitude and behaviour of employees is indispensable for safe behaviour in the workplace. The deficiency of consciousness of contractors on Occupational Safety and Health ( OSH ) direction systems in building can lend to the accident at a building site.

5.4Recommendation FROM THE REASERCH

In mention of the research conducted, the writer has come up with several recommendations in minimising the deduction of inflectional morphology towards the workers on building sites. The recommendations are as follows: –

  1. Ensure that all the basic safety equipments which ought to be supplied by the employer are ever available for every worker on site.
  1. The employer must alter their position towards the safety and wellness issue on site. They must non merely prioritise the net income border but besides concerned about the wellness, safety and public assistance of the workers they employed.
  1. The direction should be firmer in implementing the safety and wellness ordinance on site. Negligence in implementing these safety and wellness ordinance on the site would impact all parties in a building undertaking, the employers every bit good as the workers.
  1. The direction should form more systematic agreement of safety and wellness plans. These plans should be conducted continuously and affecting all parties concerned. In guaranting that the safety plans appeal to the workers, originative attack such as educational competitions and games should ne present to the workers.
  1. Apart from implementing the safety codification, the workers must non be allowed to work in properly lit or glooming subdivision. If it the state of affairs arise and can non be avoided, there must be at least two people making the occupation for the benefit of the workers and the employer in instance accident occurred.
  2. Workers must be trained in safety steps and managing the state of affairss should the accident occurs on site to avoid mayhem and confusion among the workers.
  1. Machineries and equipments should be inspected at least one time a month in order to guarantee that those are in good on the job status and safe to be used.
  1. All plans concerned with the safety plans conducted should be resolved directly off from the direction.
  1. More rigorous codifications and ordinances should be enforced on site. Extra ordinance should be created to spread out the current codifications and should cover all Scopess and facets of the workers on site.
  1. The heavier punishment should be imposed to the negligent direction or workers in minimising the happening of accidents on site.
  1. The information on safety and wellness issue should be promoted and present to wider range of the authorities. Current media such as telecasting, wireless, cyberspace, information board and other signifiers of media should be used every bit extensively as possible to inform all parties and public the importance of the safety and wellness of the building site every bit good as workplace in general.
  1. Informing the authorization about the undertakings which taken the workers safety and wellness issue lightly.


Accidents can be prevented. The biggest obstruction, nevertheless, is altering the outlook of the society at big. Malaysia reacts after the event which seems to be portion of the culture/mentality. The precedence seems to be to happen whose caput must turn over instead than happening out the true implicit in causes, they treat the symptoms.

Promotion to guarantee safety and wellness at the workplace must get down at the top degree that means that directors must take a positive attitude and give proper preparation to their workers to guarantee doing zero accidents during building plants. Making zeroes accidents is non possible or a world if it ‘s proper plenary session by top degree. This plenary session must be followed by workers such as take a safety journey, reexamine the undertaking squad vision, reexamine the research methodological analysis, reveal best parties identified and supply illustrations of cardinal findings.


From this survey, it can be concluded that the accident occurs and hazard exists during phase of building of a edifice. The building industry is an industry that is really alone and more unsafe than other industries. Construction sites are invariably altering and temporary.The chief cause relates to insufficient proviso to run into the safety demand of impermanent plants such as working platforms, support, stagings, safety cyberspaces and etc. Accidents are still go oning on sites despites the debut of Safety Legislation and the act would efficaciously protect the safety of people at work.

Most of the workers are satisfied with the current safety and wellness issue with building site, but this does non mean that the overall par of all building sites in Malaysia is in acceptable status. The writers feel that the workers do non wholly cognizant of the current issue of safety and wellness in building site, therefore they believe the current site conditions are good plenty for their on the job environment.