Review statement of research question Essay

Research Question:

Do American electorates have decisive power with Electoral College voting system during presidential polls in the United States?

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Statement Of Research Problem

The practice of indirect voting through the Electoral College is a system with the disadvantage in preventing individuals’ direct votes on candidates of their choice. The practice encourages the collation of votes through assigned electors voted for by the populace. Pure popular voting system which favours a candidate with large population of votes is absents through this system. The states with large numbers of populace tend to be at a disadvantage through the voting by Electoral College, while small populated states are favoured. Thus; this voting system has gone a long way to influencing the pattern of campaigning of candidates vying for top political post, such as the presidency.  For instance, their political manifestoes tend to reflect generic policies other than being specific in addressing needs that is peculiar to individuals of different cities and locations within the country.

In addition, this system of indirect voting beclouds the will of Americans in directly voting for their choice of  presidential candidates, thus, their fates is left in the hands of the electors who may decide to change their mind on who to vote for at the last minutes. This system thus, reflects a high level of undemocratic posture in disfranchising individuals to directly make their choice. Hence, presidential campaigns may be directed to wooing the electors instead of the individual electorates and ordinary Americans.

Admonition on how to build 15 pages of the research study

Choose a theory to back up your research question. Use this theory as a foundation on which you would base your argument on, and back up every point raised with some related literature review derived from other scholars’ works on the same topic.

Highlights your findings, make a summary of the research, write a conclusion and make recommendations.

Best of luck.