Revision Matrix Essay

Revision Matrix

Learner’s Name: Kevork Hagopian

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Faculty Feedback

Faculty feedback in my own words and what this feedback means to me
My strategy for incorporating faculty feedback in the final draft
Therese Kanai, PhD
Address the value of incorporating backup research and referencing towards my main arguments. This feedback means that for this paper to have the ability to incorporate ideas not mainly on opinion, it has to take into account using supporting claims coming from research to support my views. This can then help allow readers to realize and synthesize my arguments in a more effective manner.
To incorporate this feedback in my final draft, I plan to review specific sections of my paper that needs improvement. There must be corresponding changes made in areas that need supporting research and take into account how I can further utilize specific sources in the paper.

Simplifying some unnecessary phrases in the paper to make it simpler and easier to understand among readers. Seeing this, the feedback corresponds to the capacity of incorporating ideas in a much simpler means but still conveying meaning and value. By doing this, I can then effectively pursue and elaborate on key ideas further and correlate it with my specific thesis statement.
To address this feedback, I plan to reread the comment of my professor on specific section that needs to be changed. After this, I will try to get the gist of the paper and understand what I seek to provide readers accordingly. Given these, I will then incorporate the necessary changes and make things simpler and easier to understand.

Taking into account punctuation errors. This feedback means that I have to check my paper prior to submission for any traces of misspelling or grammatical errors. Not only does this fulfill the specific requirement of the course but also tries to promote proper means of responding towards the need of readers.
Prior to submission, what I will do is try to reread the article again and check whether or not spelling errors are present in the paper. I will not just simply use the MS Word feature. Rather, I will try to incorporate my own understanding and whether it adheres to English standards or not.

References must be placed in another page. Here, the feedback caters to the formatting requirements of my paper. This means that I need to pay closer attention to these small details in order to provide better means for adhering to the standards of the course.
To address this, I plan to check before submitting the paper whether or not the formatting requirements are met or not.