Rhetorical on the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America Essay

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Rhetorical Essay on the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

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            The written piece was the document of the Declaration of Independence of the thirteen United States of America. It was approved officially by the Congress July 4, 1776. It could also probably be considered as one of the most important and influential texts in American history. The text formally announces the liberation of the states against the rule of Great Britain. This document was written after thirteen states of America have decided to unite against the British Empire. The period of time was during the revolutionary war against the Great Britain. This text has been passed by representative of the United States to the Congress for the approval of their intention of finally liberating these states from the rule of the British Crown, the re-establishments of their rights, and for them to be allowed to found their own independent government.

The text was very important because it formally announces that thirteen states have all agreed to have their own chance to govern themselves, completely free from whatever power the king of Great Britain. The intended readers of this text are the whole American population who want to be independent from the rule of the British Empire and even probably all those people against the separation for the documents emphasize all the reasons behind the decision. The authors of the Declaration of Independence had written the account from the perspectives of all ordinary men who simply wanted justice, freedom, and equality. They probably want to establish to the readers that they are all united in the idea of liberation and they have written this text to document all the intentions to absolve from their allegiance to Great Britain. The text documents the reasons why the states of America are unanimously turning their back against the British Empire. It justifies and formalizes all the reason for the states of America to be independent and free from the rule of the king of Great Britain.

Evidently, the text is written in an emotional and passionate way. The authors feel very strongly on the topic being conveyed in the text and this is easily translated to the readers. More than just informing the people about the decision of the Congress to declare the independence of America, they are also encouraging the feeling of anger against the king of Great Britain in order for them to strongly enlighten people to agree with them. The authors accomplished this by enumerating and highlighting all the wrong and cruel things they have experienced under the king’s rule. A huge part of the text was allotted to the description of all the actions the king has done that have violated the rights of the people and create sufferings to the people. By detailing all the injustices that the king have done and proving them with an ample amount of evidences and facts, the authors of text were able to encourage people to feel that their states do deserve to be independent and free. It is also explicitly written in the document that the separation from the tyranny of the king was necessary as no actions were given to their appeals for fair treatment and equality among all people in the nation.

            The text is expressively moving and motivating. It is also an effective form of propaganda to really unite all people in the advocacy of cutting ties with the British Empire. By highlighting all the injustices that the people have experienced and the rights that have been taken away from them, the text could effectively unite people to think the same and agree with what the authors of the text are promoting. The document was written in a way that it does not only lay down the facts, it actually appeals to the emotions of the people. All anger was also straightforwardly directed to the king of Great Britain and all actions he had unjustifiably done. Despite having repetitive parts wherein some actions were repeatedly stated by just changing some wordings, the document was all in all effective, informative, and powerful. And based on the different events that transpired after it, this written piece of declaration has also served its purpose well.