Risk Management Plan Against Natural Disasters Essay

Risk Management Plan Against Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters are the usually the most damaging and unpredictable risk factor.

Although there are numerous types of natural disasters, we have chosen to avoid some of these risks by selecting facility sites that are far from earthquake faults, volcanoes and flood and landslide prone areas.    In doing so, we avoid the expense of paying high insurance premiums to protect us from these events.

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Other natural disasters risks may be unavoidable. We have plans to respond to such events.  To mitigate our risk against possible fire and other exit emergencies, we have equipped with facilities with fire extinguishers in every room, emergency exit maps displayed in every hallway and regular safety drills are performed to make sure everyone knows what to do in a fire emergency.  We also purchased appropriate fire insurance to cover our assets damaged from fire.

Another preventative measure we employ is our safety program.  It prepares us for unforeseeable catastrophes.

An “Emergency/Disaster Book” is placed in every room to aide those caught in the middle of a crisis. It contains detailed descriptions of various types of emergencies and its appropriate responses.

We equip individuals to handle emergencies.  Each department has two employees assigned as site safety officers.  They are trained to lead their group through an emergency and arrange a safety notification system to make sure all employees are accounted for.

Safety Drills are performed annually.  Our risk management team visits each site to perform required annual emergency test drills.  We use these drills to determine the capability of the officer to appropriately respond to an emergency and “to test the efficiency of communication channels, chain of command, movement methods at the site and reporting procedures” (adapted by Mitsubishi Motors, 2009). These drills also keep employees aware of proper responses to emergency situations.,

Our comprehensive risk management plan strategically avoids and lessens natural disaster risks.
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