Risky behavior Essay

Just Like You Imagined is a short film about several teenagers facing problems concerning love, and the issues involved in it. The three scenarios that stand in front of the characters are the issues of HIV, pregnancy and same sex relationships. HIV and pregnancy are both problems that face teenagers because of carelessness. Same sex relationships, on the other hand are internal issues of self-searching and going against the norms.

On the issue of pregnancy, one of the characters has been deluded into thinking that her relationship she met with a guy at a party was real. Perhaps, because of her loneliness and the feeling of being left out from a crowd of couples making out, she agreed to give herself to the guy who smooth-talked her into having a good time. After the party, the man treated her like dirt and insisted that all they did was have a good time. Sex without commitments, in short. After a few days, she got a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant. She was then faced with a dilemma because she was still studying and at the same time, having a child without a father who would take responsibility.

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This is one of the reasons why there are many single parents. Often, the irresponsibility of one of the parents often leads the other to take care of the child alone. Unlike single fathers, however, single mothers, not only have the difficulty of raising the child alone, but also have the difficulty of facing the choice of whether to abort the child or not.

The issue on HIV starts out with a guy who appeared normal, but was revealed to be (apparently) taking drugs through a shared needle near the end of the film. His seemingly perfect relationship with his girlfriend was suddenly dashed as the problem set in. It began when he found out that a friend was “very sick”, prompting him to have himself checked. He proved to be HIV positive and went frantic, knowing that he would die of AIDS in the future. When he decided to tell his girlfriend, she became extremely upset. Although it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to come to terms with the reality, in the end, she seemed as if she still wanted to support him because of her love for him. She proved to be negative in her HIV test.

Perhaps, love in the time of HIV can still be found in the film. There are cases, however, when people who have HIV reveal that they are infected to their loved ones, get turned away and lose their relationship. One of the reasons why this is so is because of the fact that HIV and AIDS are currently incurable and deadly. HIV, being a sexually transmitted disease, turns off partners because of the risk involved when they get intimate.

The last of the issues involves two men, one openly gay, and the other, still in the process of finding himself. The gay man sensed through their on-line communication that the other guy was gay as well. When they met up, the guy was apparently, not open to the idea that he might be gay. He severed all contact with his online friend and continued on with his life. The open gay, then, decided to go and visit him at work. The straight guy was, perhaps touched by his going the extra mile to re-establish their relationship and his sensitivity about his life. In the end, he gave another shot to hang out with him. If only for that first.

Gays and lesbians have always been ostracized and shunned in times past. With the current movement toward the acceptance of gays and lesbians in society, there are those who are becoming open to the idea and those who keep closed against it. In this case, contact can do either one of two things to those who are closed to the idea of the third sex. The first is acceptance. When they finally get to know the person, the stigma and fear might evaporate. The second is strengthening of the stigma. Sometimes, contact can enhance the initial ideas about the third sex, especially if they were approached or related to in the wrong way. In the film’s case, although it is very risky for the gay person to expose his true colors on the first meeting, it bore fruit in the end when he revealed how human he was later and allayed his friend’s fears.