Roles and responsibility of government Essay

A community can never be logical or successful without justifiable law enforcers and the people should have enough power to fully enforce the law and these will help in efficient running of the societies comprising of people with very different backgrounds. As authority is defined as precise to use supremacy or power posses to ensure the law is lawfully abided. Power is at times referred as something that we all require and extent of power needs to be monitored regularly. An individual’s natural history forms the basis of such power with a purpose to form a good environment for working and good public relations for different people.

Opinionated   power needs to be properly established in communities so as to govern people and help in improving the roles and economic status of different people. The political influences also helps in improving and controlling power accorded to various people in the societies, according to the law governing a nation. When the power is applied in the appropriate way, the people in a community appear to act in a well mannered way. Power accorded to various people in a community is exercised with a positive purpose and creating equality in the society.

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No individual is supposed to practice his or her power to abuse the inhabitants of a place and this is something that must be taken with a great concern so as to ensure that people’s rights are not abused. Any opinionated authority is seen as something that is given to a person thus enabling him or her to be able to ensure the law is properly adhered to and thus bringing equality in a society. Researchers found that if a government role is properly exercised, it able to positively improve an individuals in terms of substantiality and morality. An administration helps only in exercising and improving the justifiable behaviors in any community. The government has been known to have caused and influenced many of the negative issues arising in societies, especially in terms of finances and communal history in a community. Also the administration is known to have caused many ill motives in societies in terms of deaths and loss of properties due to failure to exercise their duties properly.

There have been noticeable disagreement about religions in the coming years and this will be involving of how the government will be benefiting from these organizations in terms of taxation and other noticeable benefits. The Supreme Court has realized that these kinds of decisions may abuse some of the sections governing the country thus making it very hard to implement these proposals. This topic shows that if only the law can be followed and exercised, could help a nation to harvest more positively.


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