Roman Culture Essay

Roman Culture

            I believe that the culture in which we are currently is more like the Roman culture of antiquity. The Romans were stoic and economic people who believed that something should be created to be of us. Under this theme of thought they built the aquaducts, made concrete, built roads that are still in existence today (something this culture does as well – builds something to last through time) and gave birth to the concept of brains and beauty twined in an individual and not separated.

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            The Romans were inventors: They made concrete and roads in order for the commerce and growth of their economy to become more widespread. This is similar to this culture in that we also use the powers of invention to more easily disperse our resources – this is shown in our train systems, semi-trucks, and cargo boats. The point of man’s power over the animals is to ensure the survival of his progeny and man also endeavors for his works to survive him (hence the boom in children after a war).

The military is also an example of how this culture is similar to the Roman culture. When we take over a country we enlist the aid of locals to carry on the work we were doing. Roman leaders did this in order to stop uprisings from occupied nations. Roman military defense lasted for hundreds of years and faltered only when the leaders faltered. It is in these elements of military, progeny and invention that our culture is so similar in scope to Roman culture.

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