Romance Essay

The film is about a young girl who loves her insensitive husband, but finds the discontentment she feels from her infrequent and not satisfying sexual intercourse with him pushed her into different and a variety of extra-marital relationships. She initiates to take other lovers and explore more twisted avenues of sexuality, such as being raped in a stairwell, or being tied up. The girl is giving her body away to everybody who desires it, but her mind is with him who does not desire her body. The film was crafted with bizarre understanding and sensitivity; has a psychological element, a visual element, and a real story. Although, some of the scenes can only or normally be seen in a porn film, it doesn’t show eroticism. Even though the film has a many graphic sexual activity I don’t consider it as erotic. It is a drama with the crucial sex scenes and a clever plot.

The film is really about a woman’s search for emotional satisfaction and her modus operandi that doesn’t allow her to achieve it. The extramarital relationship scenes equally showed cold unconscious and insincere relationships which are ultimately self-destructive. The vital fact about this film is that, while sex is portrayed with clean and tidy openness, violence is metaphorical, concealed from view. They focused on the emotions of the girl and since she is submissive in most of them, she often communicates through her facial expressions.

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The film provided a very fine actress and a very insightful director; it can only be directed with a woman to not make it a voyeur film and make it a story of their lives and its conflicts. However the movie is not about gender but it is about finding yourself. The director and the actress can explore female psychology in a way that men can understand. The ending of the film showed that the ultimate satisfaction for a woman is from children and not from a partner.