Roots of conflict between the Jews and the Christians Essay

Roots of conflict between the Jews and the Christians

It is evidence that there has been great conflict between those people who confessed the Christian faith and those who confessed the Jewish faith.  Christian practiced anti-Semitism against the Jews due to their ethnic background, culture and also religion. Anti-Semitism was being manifested in various ways, for instance, personal expression of hatred, discrimination and violent attacks against individual Jews by the Christians. Carroll stated that the conflict started when Jesus was killed by the death of Jewish leaders and members. Christian developed hatred to the Jews because they had killed their Lord. They viewed Jews as evil and also responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Additionally, the observation of Jewish religion also created a conflict (Fiero, 39). The Jewish religion forbids Jews to bow down to any other person other than the creator. Christians misunderstood the Jewish beliefs and practices and this caused a conflict. “Constatine’s Sword” implies that the use of the cross among the Christians as reminder that Jesus was killed by Jewish members is an actual evidence of the conflict between Jews and Christians. Nevertheless, the spread of Christianity and the use of Christianity as a political bargaining base was also a source of conflict.

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Currently, the Christians are still practicing bias and mistrust to other people who are not confessing the Christian faith. For instance, they associate the Islamic religion with terrorism.  They hate them and even they do not want to involve them in various activities such as politics as they always despise all their views and proposals. This has gone to depth of establishment of separate schools for Christians and for Muslims (Barsanti, 2008). Nowadays, many Christian religions have significant strains of evangelism and they deny other religions to practice their faith. Therefore, the Christian faith is failing to produce noble, safe and upright nation.

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