Routine Essay

            It has always been essential to keep a good relationship with people. One way of doing it is being presentable at all times and has the proper hygiene. Our company would like to introduce a new way that can help us interact better with other people and have the confidence to show our abilities to them. We now introduce to you our own brand of TOOTHPASTE.

            Since ancient times, people have sought to find ways to clean their teeth. Many methods have been introduced to help enhance this objective and make people give out their perfect pearly white smile. With this product we seek to give out the same results but with added features that can give you the confidence boost in everything you do. Here are some features that we seek to provide you…

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·         Calcium and fluoride to make your teeth stronger and make the dazzling smile

·         Enhancers that can make your breath smell fresh all day

·         Five (5) different flavors and formulas to choose from to suit your preference

Our product appeals to every age group and class because we believe that everyone deserves that pearly-white smile and the confidence to face the challenges of everyday. Our different flavors and formulas offer diverse alternatives to people who have different taste. Once you try our product, you can always go out with that poise and assurance that everything shall go well.

Lastly, this can also be beneficial in maintaining your dental hygiene. Studies say that brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day can prevent incidence of plaque, gingivitis and other related problems. Buying this product is one way you protect your body against these risk factors.

            Get one now. Our product shall be available at your designated retailers and supermarkets across the state. Make the right change and regain the confidence you always wanted.


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