Roy Ball and Nice Co ltd. Essay

Roy ball and nice co ltd.

Roy ball and nice co ltd is a manufacturer of young, playing balls for young children. Each ball sells for $6 per unit, its variable cost per unit is $2 and annual fixed costs are $40,000. The company projects to achieve the following:

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a)      Break – even –sales – volume

b)      $20,000 sales for the whole year.

c)      $25,000 if the product price increase by $1 and annual fixed cost increases by $ 10,000.


The expected breakeven sales volume

Fixed costs                              =          Fixed costs

Contribution per unit                     selling price- variable price per unit

= $40,000        =          $40,000                       = 10,000 units.

(6-2)                            $4

B) Required revenue contribution = fixed costs + profit target

                        = $40,000 + $20,000 = $ 60,000

So to get the required number of units required to get the profit

Contribution target                  = $60,000        = 15,000 units.

Contribution per unit              $4

D) if the product increases by $1 and the fixed increases by 10,000 and to the targeted profit raises to $ 25,000

$25,000 + $ 40,000+ $ 10,000 = $ 75,000.

So to get the targeted volume for the storage of the expected manufactured goods would be equal to

Contribution target                  = $75,000        = $75,000        = 15,000 units

Contribution per unit              ($7-2)                       $5

Definition of terms.

Variable cost –  a cost that changes in proportion to changes in production volume.

Fixed cost: a cost which a change within a certain output or turn over limits tend to be unaffected by fluctuations volume of output or turnover.

Revenue per unit for the activity is the difference between the selling price and variable cost per unit.

Unit of measure: this is an expression of measure either in dollar or in units of sales.


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