Royce Corporation role in the community Essay

Royce Corporation role in the community

“A high technology engineering company, and market leader in power systems and solutions”(,2009).  The company provides services to civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy. Its products are manufactured in U.K, U.S, Poland, South Korea, China and Scandinavia. It has a customer base in 150 countries. The diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills of the work force stand the company out from its competitors. Bringing new ideas and doing experiments is a hallmark of Rolls-Royce.

            Rolls-Royce is an organization which provides best services to the customers knowing their demands. It is highly reputable company. “Rolls-Royce is an active and committed member of the LBG (London Benchmarking Group)” (, 2003). The company is firmly committed to the global communities where its employees live and work.”The Group has a long-standing commitment to supporting its local communities”(,2009).It makes sure that it indulges in responsible business practices by generating sustained economic activity; it strives to work in collaboration with business organizations to help the disadvantage through supporting the homeless and bridging the gap between schools and businesses through its Skills Bank program and inspire and innovate through its strong leadership example, in communities where it works. It contributes through charitable donations in educational, scientific and engineering fields that are helping communities worldwide. The employees are assigned projects for career development of young leaders and businessmen. Further sponsorship of events and giving gifts in kind are making a lot of positive difference in the lives of the communities.

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            “Wherever you join us in the world, and whatever your gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, or age, and whether or not you have a disability, you can trust us to treat you fairly” (, 2009). Therefore we can safely say that the company believes in non-bias behavior. It encourages people from different walks of life to come and share their expertise and experiences without any discrimination. Women are considered to be as progressive as men they can be an engine for growth for Rolls-Royce. Women leadership forums and global workshops to develop role models are an example of the commitment to develop future leaders.

            Communities in which Rolls-Royce is a member encourage diversity. Communities from across the globe where it operates do realize the importance of diversity. They appreciate the work it does. Particularly women leadership forums that aim to uplift the status of women and provide women with opportunities that will give them greater control of their lives. The economic self empowerment of women is being highly appreciated. Women are also provided with roles in the upper management levels. At times company do come across criticism that most of the senior positions are held by men and the organization lacks diversity. It’s not because of any discrimination. But at times women applicants are fewer then men, at times the quality of education of men is better and even at times mere coincidence leads to the holding of senior management positions by men. So it should not be considered that the company is against women. All communities have certain considerations which may lead to more men occupying higher level of positions in the company.


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