Shakespeare in history. This play was filled

Shakespeare has his way with writing plays and making alternative motives. For example Hamlet and horatio had a interesting friendship. It was basically one-sided. Shakespeare made sure there were different things going on in the play. Shakespeare is recognized as the greatest writer in history. This play was filled with events, with dramatic events. Horatio was a lower class person and hamlet was upper class and they were very close friends with such different backgrounds. Their friendship was important to the play because of all the actions that took place. The relationship between Hamlet and Horatio is very interesting. Hamlet admires Horatio for the qualities that hamlet himself does not possess. Hamlet only has trust for horatio. He only trusts horatio because he respects him. Horatio is the only one that knows Hamlet’s craziness is not authentic. Hamlet has problems with his family and doesn’t really have anyone but Horatio. Hamlet and horatio are two totally different people. Horatio is rational and understanding, and not once during the play did horatio seem to show he needs hamlet. On the contrary hamlet showed that he needs Horatio. He relies on horatio. Horatio is not on the same level with Hamlet, he’s basically a servant that shows unconditional loyalty. Horatio has this calm, humble attitude about him. He has a side to him that people don’t like also. Hamlet was taunted by Laertes and challenged to a fight. Hamlet killed polonius which is Laertes father. Him and hamlet have that in common now, a murdered father. Laertes took immediate action and wanted to kill hamlet, so he challenged hamlet to a dual. Horatio had a huge issue with that and let hamlet know “I will forestall their repair hither and say you are not fit”. Basically what this means is that Horatio doesn’t want him to duel with laertes. This is the first time horatio defies hamlet. Shakespeare does not allow Horatio a second to mourn. Horatio didn’t get a moment to realize what happened, he hasn’t even processed what happened. He lost his best friend and he had more problems to do with. Hamlet was dying and he made a few wishes that he wanted to make sure came true. He wished that Horatio didn’t commit suicide. Horatio said he was going to die of hamlet died but hamlet doesn’t want that. The reason he didn’t want horatio to kill himself was so that hamlet had someone to tell his story. This was a test to their friendship, this shows the respect and love they have for each other. This play showed a life lesson. It showed multiple life lessons. Friendships a=can change lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, poor or wealthy, you can be friends with anyone. Horatio saw hamlet dying and wanted to die right along with him but hamlet wouldn’t let him. It takes strength to tell your best friends story on how he died. This play showed how to be strong through the tough times. Everybody’s not an angel but nobody deserves to die.