Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Smoking Essay

During my research on Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory I came across many articles detailing the life of Sigmund Freud. I found many of the biographical articles interesting in relation to Freud’s theories of depth psychology and psychosexual development. I believe that there are many facets of Sigmund Freud’s life that can be analyzed utilizing his ain theories. The chief facet of Freud’s life which I believe can be analyzed utilizing his theory on psychosexual development is the fact that Freud was a cigar tobacco user. Freud concluded himself that people smoke as a permutation for onanism. However. based on Freud’s ain theories on psychosexual development it could be concluded that Freud developed an unwritten arrested development as a consequence from him having excessively much. or excessively small satisfaction during the unwritten phase of his childhood.

Freud’s ain theories in this country stated that person who receives excessively much or excessively small satisfaction during the unwritten phase of childhood could develop unwritten arrested developments that would be expressed as smoke. alcohol addiction. or other unwritten stimulation such as nail biting. Freud attributed all dependence during the unwritten phase of childhood to suckling. One conflicting survey. which was conducted in 2003. applied Freud’s theory of the correlativity between suckling and smoke.

This survey resulted in contrasting findings in compaction to Freud’s original theories. This survey found that 87 per centum of participants reported no connexion between being breastfed and smoking. During our surveies on Freud’s Psychosexual Development we emphasized on the fact that Freud’s theory’s on Psychoanalysis were unproved methods. As a category treatment we besides agreed that we did non happen many of Freud’s theories relevant or accurate. The survey conducted in 2003 farther supported the inaccuracy of Freud’s theories. However. it is really easy to use Freud’s theories to individuals’ actions and wonts ; including using them to Freud’s ain life style.

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