Southeastern Conference and Auburn Tigers Sample Essay

To the bulk of America. Auburn University Football is merely a athletics. To the 1000s of Auburn Tigers fans worldwide. it is so much more than that. Tim Stanfield describes it as “…more than a game…it’s a passion” ( Stanfield et al. 61 ) . The civilization environing Auburn Tigers football is a household and tightly knit community. As Pat Dye. past manager of the Auburn Tigers puts it. “We are near here. and that is portion of what it means to be a Tiger” ( Glier xii ) . There are coevalss of Tigers fans. “family” traditions. and the support and encouragement of a household behind every Tiger out at that place playing. To be a portion of this household you don’t have to a portion of the squad because it includes the squads. the pupils. worldwide fans. and the small town of Auburn. Alabama besides. The love and passion for Auburn University is frequently passed down from parent to child. Many households have had coevals after coevals attend Auburn and alumnus. Mary Claire Janiga Tells of her household engagement in Auburn in the narrative “War Eagle Lineage. ”

She states. “A twelvemonth after I started school. my sister joined me at Auburn. along with five cousins” ( Stanfield et al. 95 ) . Tim Stanfield recounts about his male parent. “My male parent had a really clear position about how he wanted to raise his boies. You need to cognize. up forepart. that this position was somewhat tainted orange and blue. sing the fact that he graduated from there in 1969” ( Stanfield et al. 59 ) . Turning up in the province of Alabama. you are forced to take a side between the University of Alabama and Auburn University at a really immature age. Get downing in 1893. The Iron Bowl has been referred to as the biggest athleticss competition countrywide. In the movie Roll Tide War Eagle. Cam Newton. former Auburn signal caller. provinces. “You either have to be red or orange and blue. ” Greg McElroy. former Alabama signal caller. adds. “And if you don’t pick either one so they both hate you” ( Roll Tide War Eagle ) . Experiencing this first manus. I have seen this bend from a competition to an all out war. There is true hatred in this competition. No affair where you go in the province of Alabama. you can be certain to see or hear the conflict calls of “War Eagle! ” or “Roll Tide! ” Just hearing those two words invokes great sums of passion within fans statewide.

The Auburn University football is a plan built on tradition and history. Harmonizing to World Wide Web. auburntigers. com. the oldest football competition in the south began on February 20. 1892. when Auburn University played the University of Georgia. This competition has continued on every twelvemonth except 1943 when Auburn did non hold a football squad due to World War II. Currently Auburn is taking the competition with 52-48-8. This is merely one illustration of the history of titles at Auburn University. Another tradition is the Tiger Walk. This is one of the many ways Auburn fans rally around the participants to demo them support and encouragement. This event happens two hours prior to every game. whether at place or on the route. It began in the 1960’s when Auburn participants would do the walk from Sewell Hall to the bowl ( World Wide Web. auburntigers. com ) Thousands of fans line the sides of the Auburn Tigers’ football squad and hearten them on. One Auburn football participant described it as this. “ You are focused on the game…of course…but you are decidedly feeding off the emotion of the fans…your epinephrine is so high that you feel like you could run through a brick wall or pick up a car” ( Stanfield et al 27 )

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Ivan Maisel describes it like this in his history of the Tiger Walk. “The Auburn fans roared. their eyes glazed with a mixture of ardor. pride. passion. and possibly a spot of Jack Daniels” ( Woodbery 64 ) . Aubie. Auburn University’s mascot. is greatly loved by all Auburn fans. He adorns jerseies. postings. home bases. and anything else you could conceive of. Aubie has been around for over 30 old ages and you can anticipate to see him at about any campus or Auburn University event. Aubie continues on the winning tradition at Auburn University with six mascot national titles and he is a member of the inaugural category of mascots inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. The chief occupation of Aubie is to acquire the fans in the crowd riled up and acquire them heartening aloud for Auburn. He is certain to convey a smiling to all. old or immature. Auburn University has a history of legendary participants. Presently more than 200 of Auburn University’s football participants have gone on to play in the NFL. Fifteen of those participants have gone on to acquire 30 All-Pro Awards and 23 have played in Super Bowls. Not merely did John Heisman manager for Auburn University. Auburn University is place to three Heisman Trophies: Bo Jackson ( 1985 ) . Pat Sullivan ( 1971 ) and Cam Newton ( 2010 ) ( www. auburntigers. com )

To any Auburn fan the name Bo Jackson is synonymous with great jock. To this twenty-four hours Auburn fans love Bo and state their favourite game twenty-four hours narratives refering him. Bo Jackson was non merely one of the best football participants in the state. but besides one of the best baseball participants in the state. Directly out of high school. the New York Yankees offered Bo a $ 250. 000 subscribing fillip. Bo turned that trade down in order to acquire a college instruction and play athleticss for a college squad. Although by many considered to be the greatest jock to have on the Auburn New Jersey. Bo meekly states. “There is ever somebody out there who is better than you are” ( Woodbery 26 ) In 2010. Auburn University recruited Cam Newton. A 6’5” 248 lb signal caller. This was a game modifier for the Auburn Tigers. This brought the Auburn participants hope. Charles Barkley referred to him as. “a physical animal. ” Before the season started. no 1 was even sing Auburn for the SEC Championship. They ne’er expected that this squad would travel on to win the National Championship.

Throughout the 2010 season Cam Newton went through much contention and examination. but the Auburn community stood behind him with full support the whole manner. Cam Newton led the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season. SEC title. and their first National Championship in 53 old ages ( Roll Tide War Eagle ) . The football managers at Auburn University play one of the most important functions in the civilization of Auburn football. Most frequently. they are the face of Auburn University football. Media spends more clip speaking to managers than to anyone else on the squad. The managers are able to give Auburn fans hope get downing a new season or even in the thick of a tough season. Auburn has had many great managers over the past one hundred old ages and many are still extremely revered by fans. Ralph “Shug” Jordan is widely considered Auburn’s greatest manager of all clip and is a fable that any Auburn fan greatly admires. Jordan was a 1932 Auburn University alumnus. Fans knew that he had a connexion to the squad already and had assurance that he would convey Auburn forward in football. Coming into Auburn. the football plan had been fighting and Jordan had a long manner to travel to turn the squad about.

With 176 wins. including a SEC title and a National Championship. in a 25 twelvemonth coaching tally at Auburn. he is Auburn’s all-time winningest manager. He won four Southeastern Conference Coach of the Year awards and in 1957 won the National Coach of the twelvemonth Award ( Glier 8 ) . In 1982 he was posthumously inducted into the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame. Coach Jordan was non merely a great football manager. but a great individual every bit good. His participants lovingly remember him in the manner that he genuinely cared about them and their lives. Lloyd Nix provinces. “I ne’er saw him when he didn’t ask about my mother” ( Woodbery 3 ) . As with any civilization. certain locations play a immense function in that civilization. One of those of import locations in Auburn is Toomer’s Corner. This is the intersection that divides downtown Auburn and the Auburn University campus. This corner is named for Toomer’s Drugs. a little shop celebrated for their fresh lemonade. which has been an Auburn landmark for over 150 old ages now.

Located straight across from Toomer’s Drugs are two monolithic old-aged oak trees. which seem to rule the full corner. This is seen as a assemblage topographic point for pupils and occupants in the community likewise. After any good event refering Auburn University. the corner is rolled with toilet paper as a manner of jubilation. This tradition has been traveling on since the 1950’s ( World Wide Web. auburntigers. com ) The place of Auburn football is Jordan-Hare bowl. Jordan-Hare bowl has a particular topographic point in every Auburn fan’s life. Year after twelvemonth memories are made here. Whether the Tigers win or lose. the twenty-four hours is still particular because it is one of the lone yearss that you can pass surrounded by your fellow Auburn companions. This is where the Auburn Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams play all of their place games. It was named for Ralph “Shug” Jordan and Cliff Hare. a member of Auburn University’s foremost football squad. Built in 1939. it began with seats for merely 7. 500 fans. Over the past 70 old ages enlargements have allowed Auburn to now keep the rubric of the nation’s ninth-largest on-campus bowl.

When to the full seated for any Auburn University football game. it becomes the fifth-largest metropolis in Alabama. with a siting capacity of 87. 451. Jordan-Hare Stadium is besides credited with being the eighth most daunting bowl in the state. This may be the ground Auburn University wins 80 % of their place games ( Woodberry 19 ) . Bing an Auburn fan makes you portion of a household. No affair where you are or who you are. you can look at any fellow Auburn fan and cognize that you have a companion in them. This community goes beyond economic and societal boundaries because of a common love. Auburn University. Many fans tell narratives of caressing and shouting with complete aliens over an Auburn win or loss. Larry Blakeney says. “I’ll Tell you what it means to be a Tiger. If you are in that household. you will ne’er be forgotten. You will ever hold person to name on” ( Glier 45 ) All of the topographic points. people. things. and traditions do non specify the civilization itself. These are where civilization happens. Narratives are made here. Those narratives are cherished and passed down from coevals to coevals. Every Auburn Tiger has a narrative to state that describes that specifying minute when your bosom sets on Auburn and you were changed. The civilization of Auburn football is one that is based on history. traditions. narratives. fables. and lineage like a household.