Sports that give great benefit to our

            Sports are an
activity that has many benefits, which are increasingly gaining attention and
promoting to all levels in society. The sports exercise
helps to maintain physical and mental health. Additionally, with sports can
fill your leisure time with useful activities and can foster relationships with
people around you.

            Among the
benefits of exercise are body health which is the first step in preventing
obesity, chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.
Sports can also help patients who have a disease to recover. Sports activities
can spread blood while reducing excess fat in the blood and heart vessels.
Beside that, sport can helps the excretion and removal of unnecessary toxic
waste in our bodies.

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            In addition, a person involved in
sports is also a way to fill leisure time with beneficial activities because
sports can regain energy as well as to get rid of stress and calm down after
tired work. With sports can prevent immoral things, vandalism and wasteful
times such as loitering, smoking and drug abuse. This shows that sports are
able to discipline us in making time more meaningful.

               Finally, sports are able to strengthen relationships within the community; sports activities can bring the spirit of teamwork and good relationships in the team create understanding and suitability in forming strong teams. Supporters can unite and mingle with multiracial society as well as share interest in the same sport. Indirectly, sports can foster values of unity such as cooperating, tolerating and putting the national and group interests rather than themselves.                In conclusion, sports are activities that give great benefit to our lives. It is also an effective way to create a healthy society in line with the government’s efforts to foster sport as a healthy lifestyle. In addition, sport is a way of exploiting leisure time without wasting it with unnecessary activity. The relationship in sports is something that is very positive because it can strengthen the surrounding community. Sports activities should be encouraged at all levels of society in ensuring a healthy, unified, viable and competitive society.