STATEMENT there is much more need to




Having worked in
the SAP technology in TCS for the client- Ericsson, I got exposed to the
business world and the role of business flows, models in making the ease of
doing business. This is the when I came to know how important data is and the
way it is being transferred into information in automated operational processes.
With the day-to-day increase in the penetration of technology in doing
business, there is much more need to maintain the business models as systematic
and secured.  All these factors are
fascinating and pushing me to pursue a Master’s degree from your esteemed
University in Information Systems.

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I have been intrigued
person right from my childhood. I used to disassemble watches, mechanical toys
out of my curiosity only to find how those machines work. After the schooling
when I had to choose a subject, which will decide my career, I have
introspected what really excites and motivates me.  I found that I was more interested to learn
about the processes which generally make Machines work. This is what had made
me choose Mechanical Engineering in my Bachelors.

 I am proud to say that I got all India rank
319 to get into one of the best Universities in the country. During Bachelors,
Amrita University gave me the chance to interact with a lot of extremely energetic
and motivated club -Amrita Science and Technology Action (Astha) that is when I
was introduced to the world of computing. That is the group which made me
realized the power of computing could add a lot to the power of normal
machines. And also when I studied subjects like Computer-aided Design (CAD) and
Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) I was astounded by the capacity of
computers and their application in mechanical field. We won the interstate Robotic championship
conducted by Sastra University. From then I was actively participating in
events where I could use my knowledge of both mechanics and computing. To my
surprise, I won most of the competitions. Finally, my enthusiasm doubled by
learning CNC machine G-Code. I found what I wanted to do for rest of the
life.  All this enthusiasm has been
channelized by the advice of my project guide into “Dynamics of Systems
with Geometric and Motion Dependent Nonlinearity”. This involves the blend
of the coding with the functioning of the machines. We have investigated non
linear dynamics of a 2d aero foil in plunge by using numerical integration and
shooting methods with help of MATLAB which involves coding.

During my final
year, I got a job in 3 Multinational companies. I had to choose my area of
interest. I choose to do work which excites me, I joined TCS where I got chance
to work in SAP, Enterprise resource planning software enables its customers to
run their business processess. I was actively learning and implementing my
ideas. After the technical ramp-up required, I am associated with 2 clients
(Johnson and Johnson, Ericsson) as an Engineer from Tata Consultancy Services.
I get to work with the team of Developers, Quality Analysts, and Business

 As an SAP System Engineer, I get to work with
diversified business processes, which has introduced me to the world of
unending potential in the business process management.  I was working with people who were experts in
the field; this increased my quest for knowledge. As I went deeper into the field
I found how relevant it is for the future. I was chosen as “Employee of the
month” for five times. I decided to expand my knowledge of computing. So, I
attended multiple conferences representing TCS and also I wanted to learn in
International context because it will give a new perspective of the Computing

  As a
Nonstop learner, I can state with certainty that I have developed all the
fundamental aptitudes and attributes required for pursuing my higher studies in
the field of Information Systems, specializing in Management Information
Systems course. I believe that my acquired knowledge coupled with my monstrous
excitement for research will be of great help in accomplishing my goal of
working in the field of supply chain at top organizations like SAP. However,
the knowledge that I have now falls short of the quality that is required to
accomplish my lofty goals. I strongly believe that your reputed institution
with its incomparable research facilities and experienced faculty can develop
me into a strong and competent professional in my craved field of consider.

After extensive
research, I felt amazed to know that the methodology of the education is more
of practical and near to the real world business scenarios in the USA. This is
one of the reasons which I have chosen the USA to be my country of choice to
see my dreams translate into goals. The diversified culture, infrastructure,
finely formulated curriculum and great faculty have pushed me to apply to your
esteemed university for MIS Program. I am confident that I can add value to the
student body with my experience in computing. I foresee myself in the list of
your prestigious alumni in next 10 years.