Strengths To The Tourism Industry In Greece Tourism Essay

Second, Greece has a family-friendly environment, doing it ideal for tourers of all nationalities and credos. One of the factors that contribute to this is its hot, dry Mediterranean clime, with an norm of 290 yearss of sunlight a twelvemonth. The capital metropolis, Athens, has an norm of lone seven yearss of rain during summer and daytime temperatures in the low mid-thirtiess[ 4 ]. These ideal clime conditions make it more accessible for tourers to see the overplus of out-of-door activities that are available, from swimming at Greece ‘s picturesque beaches and boating, to more strict activities such as mountain mounting and long-distance trekking to see some of the state ‘s most ancient landmarks and artifacts in the most invisible locations.

Finally, Greece has a sense of individualism and singularity to it. In comparing with other European states that may claim to hold a long history, Greece has one of the oldest civilizations and civilizations outside of the Middle East. Infact, many historiographers perceive Greece as the cradle of Western civilization, every bit good as the beginning of democracy, the Olympic games, Western literature, political scientific discipline, Western doctrine, and major scientific and mathematical rules[ 5 ]. This is validated by the fact that 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites[ 6 ]can be found around the state.

Therefore, many aliens see the state ‘s rich civilization and history as a major attractive force that intrigues them and inspires them to see Greece.

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However, amidst the current strengths in touristry industry are some failings and barriers to the touristry industry development. One of the strengths mentioned earlier has besides proven to be a failing: clime, or more exactly, seasonality jobs. Mediterranean climes are characterised by hot and dry summers, and besides have mild and wet winters. The extremum season for travel to Greece is May-September, which is further supported by the fact that an overpowering 75 % of all tourers who travel to Greece travel during this period[ 7 ]. That means merely a paltry 25 % of the tourers travel between October-April. Although the cooler months in Greece do n’t hold sub-zero temperatures like its other Eastern European neighbors, the big sum of rain the state receives during this period serves as a hindrance for people who enjoy out-of-door activities and sightseeing. Therefore, the gross degrees of a batch of local concerns that rely to a great extent on touristry lessening well during this period of clip.

Another major failing is the deficiency of public conveyance substructure and handiness. While states such as Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany have reputable public conveyance systems ; it is a fuss to go to some of the most olympian and beautiful parts of Greece. This is because the state as really spread out and the population denseness, when compared to its European opposite numbers, are really low, ranked 115th in the universe with 85.7 people per square kilometer[ 8 ]. A batch of people may see the public conveyance substructure as a negative, because they want to go between locations with minimum complications.

Other major failings and barriers include selling and direction. Although states like France and Germany have managed to ‘modernise ‘ themselves despite their long histories and have made themselves more widely distributed and attractive to younger people, Greece has, to a big extent, chosen to stay ‘stuck in the yesteryear ‘ and relied to a great extent on its 3500+ twelvemonth history to advance its touristry industry. This is an obstruction when it comes to aiming possible tourers who may non hold the same degree of grasp for things related to historical affairs. In other words, Greece touristry publicity and selling has n’t evolved with the times, go forthing possible tourers with a fixed stereotype of the state and therefore small chance for surprise.

The failings and barriers to the touristry industry development lead to an issue that may profit the Grecian touristry industry as a whole: what are the chances to heighten the touristry ‘s economic part? Well, as one of the failings mentioned before, there is an chance to better the public transit. An betterment in this country could take to a huge addition in touristry for the Greek Islands off the mainland of Greece, and overall, an addition in touristry for Greece. Topographic points such as Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and Kassos could all see a big rising prices in tourer Numberss, therefore taking to increased grosss and net incomes for the local concerns in those several countries. Continued betterment in substructure and engineering will besides travel a long manner towards heightening the touristry ‘s economic part. Giving the state a ‘modern entreaty ‘ will assist to antagonize the failing mentioned earlier about Greece ‘s out-of-date selling techniques in the country of touristry publicity. Finally, a lessening in adjustment monetary values may take to an inflow of tourers. As we know, non everyone can afford to remain in four or five-star adjustment. In 2009, Athens was named the metropolis with the 10th most expensive hotel monetary values in the universe, with the mean hotel in Athens bing AUD $ 321 a dark[ 9 ]. This monetary value is deemed to be really expensive for people in the in-between and low-class income brackets and may discourage them from sing Greece in the first topographic point. Low-cost adjustment may be able to interrupt the mentality that Greece is an expensive topographic point to travel.

There are assorted menaces that need to be overcome, in order to heighten Greece ‘s repute as a safe and hospitable tourer finish. The first issue is riots. Major public violences happening in December 2008[ 10 ]and more late, May 2010[ 11 ], have tarnished Greece ‘s repute as a safe finish. This has had inauspicious consequence on the touristry industry, with pre-bookings being down 8 % for the peak-season in comparing to last twelvemonth. With touristry being perfectly polar to Greece ‘s economic system, comparing to 17 % of its Gross Domestic Product, any crisp diminution in this sum could be damaging to the Grecian economic system on a whole. Besides related to the issue of safety are two terrorist onslaughts that occurred last twelvemonth[ 12 ]13.

Environmental pollution is another menace to the touristry industry that needs to be confronted. This job emanates back to the seventiess[ 14 ], when rapid industrialization began to take topographic point in Greece. This industrialization culminated in serious air pollution in Athens during the 1980s. Smog ( C monoxide ) and exhaust exhausts from autos became prevailing in Athens and even resulted in 87 industries and 73 mills being order to discontinue production[ 15 ], due to the authorities ‘s concerns over the effects the pollution was holding on people ‘s respiratory systems. The widespread branchings of this job do n’t halt at that place. Assorted species of mammals, reptilians, birds and fresh water fish are on the threshold of extinction because of failure to understate the pollution5[ 16 ].

The issue of political intercession appears as a menace to the tourer industry. The recent public violences in May 2010 were the consequence of protests against the authorities ‘s asceticism determinations to battle the state ‘s big autonomous debt degrees[ 17 ]18. States with political instability and states that impose severe determinations, which are likely to take to civil agitation, make the state less attractive to aliens and hence will happen it really hard to pull possible tourers.

So far, we have discussed the current strengths, failing and barriers of the Grecian touristry industry, every bit good as possible benefits and menaces that could either enhance or decimate the industry. Uniting the chief points discussed in this research, we can generalize deductions for specific schemes of industry, authorities and the community to heighten the economic impacts of touristry in Greece. In our sentiment, we believe there are three chief deductions.

First, there should be a scheme to consolidate on the profitable and competitory Grecian touristry industry, both in the short-run and more significantly, long-run hereafter. Possible techniques to accomplish this nonsubjective include bettering the selling and publicity, purpose to increase degrees of touristry and seek to advance different types of touristry to appeal to a wider assortment of people. Improvements in these countries should take to a considerable addition in grosss and net incomes for concerns in Greece that rely on touristry and will let Greece to keep strong per centums of touristry in its GDP ( as mentioned earlier, 17 % of GDP in the Grecian economic system is derived from the touristry industry ) .

Second, there should be an increasing demand to cultivate and keep Grecian tourer finishs and attractive forces, which thereby will take to economic prosperity in the hereafter. This scheme is concerned with bettering the environment, public transit substructure, general substructure and diminishing pollution. By bettering the criterion of public installations, doing conveyance more accessible for tourers and bettering statute law to diminish pollution, non merely will it appeal to more possible tourers, but moreover, Greece will develop a repute as a state that cares for the general well-being of people and will take the several steps to do a tourer ‘s experience as gratifying and pleasant as possible.

Finally, there should be a scheme for bettering the general satisfaction of tourers. This may be achieved through bettering general services and besides advancing different types of touristry for the people of changing economic backgrounds. For illustration, the Grecian touristry industry should advance certain vacation bundles for the higher-income earners who may desire to see a spot more extravagancy and luxury, bundles for households with little kids, bundles for those who are on a budget and so on. Certain types of life styles ( attributed to the sum of money the tourer is willing to pass ) should be targeted to accomplish this aim.