Students Dropping Out of Highschool at the Age of 16 Essay

Everyday kids drop out of school at young ages. One of the common ages are 16 years old. Student bullies are just one of the first reasons but it’s a very strong reason for kids dropping out and it’s becoming more and more sever. Another reason why students drop out of school is because of plain dislike of the school itself, everyone has that one thing they don’t like about their school. Also, the fact of academics being too hard, There is so much that teenagers already need to focus on adding on to that is just a lot to handle.

Student bullies are a major reason kids drop out of school. They hurt kids physically by beating them up, pushing them into walls, and tripping or shoving them in the hallways. Some are mental bullies, they try to get inside your head by calling you stupid, ugly, gay, etc. which can causes some kids to do one of the worst things they can, end their own life. They also say things about your family, like they make fun of your parents or siblings or whomever, and that can really cause some pain for the student.

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They also threaten your family and friends, making the person feel like they’re not safe in their own school. Sometimes the bullying continues outside of school and it gets so bad that the person doesn’t even want to get up in the morning or even go to school. Another reason is just plain dislike of the school itself. Sometimes the discipline can really make a student not like the school they’re in because there are times when it feels like it’s only enforced on them and no one else.

Also, the teachers, some may pick on the student, call them out for little things, make them feel small and insignificant or like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Other students are another good example, sometimes the kid just can’t stand the students either because they’re annoying or just down right rude. Finally, the academics are pretty big reason. The work is just too hard for the student and they fall behind in their classes.

Also, there can be too much work and it’s hard for them to balance it all out with their lives and have it done by the next day. Usually, their grades get really bad from the disability to hand in all of their work on time or they try and try their hardest and they just don’t improve. It’s difficult to balance out 10 periods of work and then do the things necessary to do at home. In conclusion, kids leave school at an early age because of Student bullies, plain dislike of the school itself, and the academics are too hard, Highschool life is a lot to handle for us.