Summer School Statement of Purpose Essay

Education. Education is not just reading and writing. It involves interacting with your surroundings, the people around you, and the environment that envelopes you. And therefore there is a difference in the educational facilities all around the world. Each facility offers a different atmosphere, a different petridish for us to grow into individuals.

Therefore I am extremely keen on being a part of this program as it would help be grow into a new Mira. Ever since I was in class 3 and my sister went for the Science program I was sure I had to be a part of this wonderful trip and I was waiting till the time I reach class 11 and I would be able to enter the Trinity University , Melbourne. I am interested in the Science program (much like my sister) and there is so much I am looking forward to.

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I am keen on getting the exposure offered by the university especially since it is in another country and the education system is so very different, and also as I would be meeting many new people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. I am also inclined towards this activity as I would be given a whole new set of responsibilities, the biggest being of handling myself in a completely new “habitat”! And therefore I hope to emerge and as an independent, tolerant and changed individual.

I believe this program will give me a whole new perspective on science as well as the outlook on life. The sciences taught and the methods of teaching are extremely different yet awfully interesting (as I have gathered from students who have previously been on this trip) and the trips to various labs , listening to lectures by famous professors and the video conference with somebody at NASA is said to be very enjoyable.

The thought of seeing science from a whole new perspective excites me; it brings a chill down my spine. And where a changed outlook on life is concerned, I believe getting a view on this wonderful game known as life will be exceptionally beneficial to me just like it is for a player in a game to get new strategies, shortcuts and methods of playing a game from another who has already crossed those levels.

At the university I would be interacting with people of various age groups from freshman to sophomores as well as lecturers and teachers. It will develop me as a person and give me a more rounded personality. My love for people, travelling and keenness to learn has been perfectly amalgamated into this wonderful program that is set before my eyes waiting to take place. And thus I believe this is one opportunity I cannot afford to miss!