Sweet Desdemona Essay

Iago strategically arouses Othello’s green-eyed monster by leting Othello to come to the decision that Desdemona is transporting on an illicit matter with Cassio. Iago provinces in a hardly hearable voice. as though he didn’t truly average to state anything. “Ha! I like non that” ( 3. 3. 35 ) . Othello asks him what he said. and Iago coppices him off and answers that it was nil. After Othello inquires whether it was Cassio they had merely seen. Iago answers. “Cassio. my Godhead! No. certain. I can non believe it. / That he would steal off so guilty-like. / Sing you coming” ( 3. 3. 38-40 ) .

In these statements. Iago is already puting the basis for his strategy. He has pretended to be loath to discourse Cassio with Othello. and he has non explicitly accused Cassio of anything. but he has depicted Cassio in a mode that would do Othello to be leery. While Desdemona is talking to Othello. Iago remains soundless. However. when Desdemona leaves. Iago asks Othello if Cassio knew of Othello’s fondness for Desdemona during their wooing. Othello replies that yes. and so wants to cognize why Iago asked. Iago answers. “But for a satisfaction of my idea ; / No farther harm” ( 3.

3. 97-98 ) . Iago’s usage of the words “further harm” reassures Othello that he was simply inquiring. but does so in such a manner that shows he has already had harmful ideas. Iago’s feigned reluctance to discourse the subject makes him look more believable as he is non straight-out assailing or doubting Desdemona’s character or trueness. His apparently harmless remarks were made to motivate Othello’s intuition. Throughout the act. Iago’s continued reluctance merely makes Othello more oddities and paranoiac. Iago seems believable because he pretends to hold Othello’s best involvements at bosom.

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He even warns Othello against jealously. Because Iago is an old friend. Othello believes him to be honorable and trusts him. In order to convert Othello of Desdemona’s disloyalty. Iago concocts a narrative about a dream. After claiming the lone ground he is stating Othello is because he loves him. Iago says that when he was kiping with Cassio. Cassio said in his slumber. “Sweet Desdemona. / Let us be wary. allow us conceal our loves” ( 3. 3. 419-420 ) . When Othello doubts Iago’s narrative. Iago one time once more disarms Othello by feigning to portion the same uncertainties.

Iago eventually convinces Othello by stating him that Cassio wiped his face fungus with Desdemona’s hankie. Iago’s statement convinced Othello because it was non a direct accusal. Iago did non straight attack Desdemona or Cassio. He simply lied and stated that he saw Cassio wipe his face fungus with Desdemona’s hankie. Iago planted seeds of uncertainty with respects to the truenesss of Desdemona and Cassio by inquiring Othello apparently guiltless inquiries and feigning to be loath to discourse the affair. In world. Iago’s remarks and inquiries prayed on Othello’s insecurities and aroused his emotions to jealousy.