System Analysis Sample Essay

1. Yes. the new system should be designed as a web based system because the president of the Personal Trainer. Inc wants members to hold on-line entree to their histories and advancement studies. Susan should see some option such as cyberspace based models such as. Internet or WebSphere. Web base systems are easy scalable. and can run on multiple hardware environments. User can logon to the system anytime any twenty-four hours. It would be 24/7. 2. In this instance. the system requirement papers should hold Introduction. public presentation tendencies. and fact findings. cost appraisal. and cost benefits. Susan can utilize whiteboards. somersault charts. overhead transparences. slides. movies. and video tapes to heighten the presentation. The content of the ocular AIDSs should be clear. clear. and easy to understand. She should look into before the presentation that if the ocular AIDSs are working or non and she should hold alternate program so if something doesn’t work so she can utilize alternate.

3. I think Susan should utilize prototyping because prototyping is a technique which produces early. quickly. constructed working version of the proposed information system. If Susan utilizations prototyping. she would acquire feedbacks and user would be able to analyze the theoretical account that represents the existent system. Susan has two options and those are System prototyping and Design prototyping. I would rede her to utilize system prototyping because it is a full featured. working theoretical account of the information systems and system paradigm is ready for the execution stage of the SDLC. 4. Three tools are available to cipher the entire cost of ownership. They are payback analysis. return on investing ( ROI ) analysis. and present value analysis.

* Payback analysis is the procedure to finding how long it takes an information system to pay for itself. On the other manus. the disadvantage of payback is that it places all the accent on early cost and benefits and ignores the benefits received after the payback period. * Return on Investment ( ROI ) is a per centum rate that measures profitableness by comparing the entire net benefits ( the return ) received from a undertaking to the entire costs of the undertaking. The disadvantage of ROI is that it ignores the timing of the costs and benefits. * Present value analysis adjusts the value of future costs and benefits to account for the clip value of the money. Present value analysis considers all the costs and benefits including earlier values.

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