Task an establishment in the global market.

Task 01

DSI Company is a
reputed, well-organized footwear company in Sri Lanka. As a new trend, it tries
to establish in the international market today. To be a leading company in the
world, DSI Company provides the best products to the global market. It already
earns a high revenue.  However, they do
not have an establishment in the global market.

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DSI Company has a
good brand name among the people and other stakeholders in Sri Lanka. It earns
a good profit because the branches have already spread urban areas in Sri Lanka.

It has a good web site
as a major company in the footwear industry in Sri Lanka. So they are able to
introduce their products to the local market immediately and in a very
effective and efficient manner. 

However, the
problem of this company is, establishing in the international market. As a solution
to that, I would like to introduce an online selling system. As it has a good website,
the only thing to do is, enhancing it into an online selling system. Therefore,
the system enhancement project is the most suitable option for developing this


Task 02

          Business Process
Re-engineering involves redesigning of business process in DSI Company. A
business process is a collection of activities of employees to achieve
organizational goals.

Italian Company of footwear industry has taken different types of steps to
include a reliable outline. The first step they have taken is gathering
information about the business process. For that, they have conducted an
interview process.

second step they have taken is building a model of business process and
identifying the resource involved. The resources they have found are kinds of
shoes, reference market, financial commitments and employed labor.

third is identifying benefits of the current business process and the fourth
one is comparing benefits and resources.  Fifth one takes identifying directions for
value improvements and the final step is changing the main process to achieve
the goals.

            DSI Company
also has to follow these steps in order to achieve the goal of enhancing the
existing website to an online selling system.


Task 03

PESTEL Analysis

A PESTEL analysis is a tool
used by sellers to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factors. External
environment is included in macro-environment. The goal of a PESTLE analysis is
to identify all external political, economic, social, technological, legal and
environmental factors. It  is much
important for  analysis of the DSI

Ø  Political

Policy-If the company has a high income, they have income tax. It may change
according to the income of the company.

Government Stability- When
the rules of the government are changed, the rules of the company also have to
be changed. So the company should try to pay the salary to the employees
including ETP, EPF. It depends on government rules and regulations.

Foreign trade regulations –
If there is no stability in the internal market, the company will bankrupt.
When importing the parts of the machines in the factory or components, which
need to make shoes, the company has to spend for tariffs.

Ø  Economical

Cycle- It means business process. The company has to be register in the
relevant department. Customers should buy products. Otherwise, the product will
waste.  Therefore, a system like online
selling system is more suitable for the company to sell products quickly and


GNP Trends –
Since DSI Company provides best products to the market, the GNP that shows the
development of the country increases. The company can provide products to the
market quickly if it has an online selling system.

Money Supply- DSI Company gains the capital by
selling the shares in the share market and by purchasing the debentures.

Interest Rates – Some DSI Company gets loans so that
they have to pay money for the interests. Therefore, they have to pay their
attention for interest rates. In order to reduce paying money for interest, the
company tries to minimize getting loans.

Inflation- Inflation is the rate at the rate at which
the general level of prices for goods and services is raising and purchasing
power of currency is failing. DSI Company provides best products to the market.
As a result, the inflation goes down and sales price decreases. Therefore, the
number of buyers is increased. Then the buyers can purchase the products online
system. As it is very effective, people intend to buy them. By that, the
revenue of the company increases.

Ø  Technical

discoveries- When there is a new technological discovery, employees are
motivated to use it. Because of online selling system, company can sell
products to the consumers. Furthermore, it saves time.

Ø  Environmental

Disposal- When the company has been introduced a new computer system, employees
do not need to use papers. By that, the wasting quantity decreases.




Ø  Legal

Law – Our Company should not criticize other competitive companies. The company
can only persuade advertising their products through the website.



SWOT Analysis

  SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats is a framework used to identify and analyze the
internal and external factors on a project, product, place or person. SWOT
analysis is mainly based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats while
weaknesses and strengths are in the internal environment, threats and
opportunities are in the external environment. This affects both non-profitable
organizations as well as profitable organizations. As DSI Company is a
profitable organization, discussing these factors is much important.

Ø  Strengths


Company has a good website, as it is a good company. As a major company
in the footwear industry in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it has
been able to capture the market.  The
good brand name of it is also supported to be a leading footwear company, especially
in local market. Strong sales are also an important factor for the strengths of
the company. Although DSI Company has a good place in the market, it has a
competition with other footwear companies. However, the other companies have an
online selling system. Therefore, we can use them as sample projects.

Ø  Weaknesses

in the industry, poor currency, and lack of skillful employees are weaknesses
of this company. So they can be considered as barriers for conducting this



Ø  Threats

footwear companies are in developing situations, the new competitors always
enter to the market. Therefore, a high competition is in the industry. So,
there is a risk to exceed this project.

Ø  Opportunities

Because DSI Company
provide new products to the market, clients expect more and more. Therefore,
they want to bid their projects. High usage of the internet and competitive
international market are also opportunities for this project.



Poter’s five forces

           Poter’s five forces
model include five forces, which are affects to the organizational behavior. Threat
of rivals, substitutions, suppliers, new entrance and buyers are evaluated in
this concept. Porter analyze these forces in  the microenvironment

            Entering new sellers to the market
can be commonly seen in the footwear industry. Therefore, it makes a
competition and now we can say that there is an entry and a rivalry.

            Suppliers and buyers are also
affected to the industry analysis. Buyers always try to bargain the prices of
the products. However, the company has not a market place if avoid the buyers’
demand. It affects to the suppliers on the same manner.


Task 04

            Stakeholders   are the people those who contribute to an
online selling system. They are sellers, buyers, competitors, government and
banks. The people those who directly contribute to develop this system are web
developers, project managers, business analysts, programmers, interface
designers and hardware managers.

            Sellers always try to sell their
products through online. For that, the company should develop an attractive web
site to achieve the company goals. On the other hand, buyers also pay their
high attention to the detailed web sites and competitors do the same.
Therefore, as the main task the project manager has to select trained employees
for the web site developing purpose. Web developers, especially interface designers,
have to create the web site in a proper manageable way. The business analysts
and the hardware managers also have to manage the resources according to the
suitable manner to develop the web site.

 The government and the commercial banks also
pay their attention on the companies in order to give the loans and to check
the revenue