Teenage your hands is the moment were

Teenage Crime


Dear all young people

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How can it be right that 8% of the people that was killed in the United States has been killed by young people? It is very awful. How can they take another person’s life, that is not theirs to take?

The U.S law’s paragraph §1111 says “Whoever is guilty of murder in the first degree shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for life”

So, the punishment for committing murder is a lifetime in prison. That means that you are never getting a live out of the prison. They moment you get another person’s blood on your hands is the moment were your future ends.

One out of eight of the rape cases is committed by young people, I think that the reason they commit this crime is because something is wrong with their brains. Cause how can a human being do something like that? One of the other reasons could be, if you are drunk.

The crime that most teens commit is violence, about 25% of the violent crimes are committed by teens. Often associated with gangs. Those who often commit these crimes are young black people. They come from a ghetto where the environment is not very good. Their family members are also often related to gangs or have committed something criminal. The economy of Ghetto families is not particularly good. This means that many of the young people are very vulnerable, they do not think they can get a proper education because the parents cannot pay for college. The young people are therefore beginning to sell drugs, as it makes them get a little money in their pockets. Many of the young people who start walking the wrong way become part of the gangs, of which they begin to rise in rank and they earn more money. Once you have become a part of a gang, it is very difficult to get out of the gang.

I think one of the other reason young people commit crime, is because they don’t get enough attention at home, if they beat someone at the school, the attention is going to lay on them.

I think that the government should do something with the ghettos because that’s where it can be avoided the easiest. One could perhaps give the schools more scholarships so that students have a better opportunity to come to college. If the parents also kept more eye on what their children are doing, the crime would diminish, or if the parents made a child savings so students could get in colleges it would be super!

I hoped that you enjoyed reading this, and stay away from trouble!