Telecommuting Case Study Essay

Telecommuting has been referred to as being the following large information engineering ( IT ) tendency. This tendency aside from holding fiscal benefits besides reaps environmental benefits. The bulk of people desiring or make up one’s minding to telecommute. wish to make so in order to avoid drawn-out commutes by route. rail or otherwise. Telecommuting has the possible to supply important transportation-related public benefits.

( World Wide Web. cnn. com ) “Telecommuting is now practiced by about 2 million workers and could make 7. 5 to 15 million within a decennary. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //ntl. bts. gov ) These 2 million workers. now being removed form the main roads. can well better the congestion and air quality. Potential good transit impacts of telecommuting include decrease in main road congestion and associated lost clip. reduced emanation of pollutants. nest eggs in energy and crude oil ingestion. and fewer main road accidents.

Computer and telecommunications progresss in recent old ages. including computing machine webs and informations systems. FAX machines. and electronic mail. have dramatically widened the pick of workplace for information workers and others so they can work wheresoever these tools are available. including at place. These technological sweetenings have provided greater worker flexibleness. authorization of employees. and a decrease I of defeat from the annoyance and clip loss associated with commutation. “One consequence is that a significant part of the U. S. labour force. possibly every bit much as 30 per centum. now works at place at least portion of the clip. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. telecommute-now. org/telecommuting )

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Telecommuting does non needfully intend that employees work at place. Satellite “telework” centres near or in residential countries. to the full equipped with appropriate telecommunications equipment and services. can function employees of individual or multiple houses. These telework centres are normally developed based on geographical informations instead than concern maps. In many instances a shared installation provides a more practical and satisfactory location for telecommuting than the place. and a scene less endangering to traditional concern direction manners. Telecommuting is frequently practiced every bit small as one or two yearss each hebdomad. although it can be full-time. Telecommuters are chiefly directors or professionals. However. telecommuting is extremely popular to most information workers.

Traffic congestion can hold direct and indirect cost impacts on concern activities. The direct costs of congestion that affect production costs include extra labour costs associated with longer trips made by employees during concern hours. higher vehicle operating costs. and suboptimal vehicle usage. “The hauling industry is both a subscriber to and victim of traffic congestion. Harmonizing to FHWA functionaries. the one-year cost of truck holds on expresswaies is between $ 4. 2 and $ 7. 6 billion. based on vehicle operating costs and driver clip charges.

Time losingss on urban streets. docking countries. etc. could run between $ 19. 4 and $ 22. 9 billion ( excepting costs to industry such as lost gross revenues chances in non holding merchandises available on clip ) . ” ( U. S. General Accounting Office ( GAO ) . 2001. Traffic Congestion: Tendencies. Measures. and Effects. ) Indirect costs of traffic congestion include additions in accidents and insurance premiums. reduced or loss of employee productiveness. and increases in bringing costs. The remotion of telecommuters’ vehicles from the main roads will cut down overall congestion. All vehicles on those now less-congested roads will run more expeditiously. flawlessly and safely. and the residents will endure less hold.