Texting While Driving: to Ban or Not to Ban? Sample Essay

Adults and adolescents are doing a pick everyday to take their eyes off the route. their heads off of driving. and their custodies off the wheel when they text and drive. The dangers of texting while driving are known countrywide. but the legion deceases and accidents don’t seem to be halting anyone from texting while behind the wheel. Several major corporations have launched runs to educate the populace about the dangers of texting and driving. Many provinces have enacted Torahs against texting while driving. Will doing Torahs and educating the public halt this unsafe and deathly distraction? Technology has steadily grown and made promotions since the Industrial Revolution. One new engineering that has become really popular in our society is text messaging. In the United States. over 700 million text messages are sent every twelvemonth. and the Numberss are turning quickly with more competent cellular telephones. ( “Learn About the Dangers of Text Messaging. Texting Dangers and Statistics. ” ) The first text message “Merry Christmas” . was sent in 1992 by Neil Papsworth. ( Shannon. Victoria ) This was the beginning of the texting phenomenon that would change communicating everlastingly.

Text messaging allows people to pass on rapidly. easy. and it can be a replacing for phone calls when calls can non be made or are unwanted. However. there is a negative and unsafe side to all the convenience of texting while driving. I will acknowledge that I have fallen into the enticement of texting while driving. and I am non proud of doing such a unsafe pick. Teenss. in general. are really adept when it comes to texting and they tend to believe that it has no impact on their drive accomplishments. Many people tend to concentrate the texting while driving issue on teens ; nevertheless. teens aren’t the lone 1s texting behind the wheel. One can easy make their ain survey by merely detecting other drivers while on the route. This observation will clearly uncover that legion people are texting while driving. and non everyone will be a adolescent. “Adults may be the 1s sounding the dismay on the dangers of distrait drive. but they don’t ever set the best illustrations themselves” . harmonizing to Mary Madden. a senior research specializer at Pew. ( Basquez. Eva ) The most likely group of grownups to text and drive is between the ages of 18-34 and 59 % of them have admitted to texting behind the wheel. ( Basquez. Eva )

We live in a multi-tasking modern twenty-four hours universe and today clip in the auto is used to carry through much more than merely acquiring to a desired location. Eating. imbibing. infixing a Cadmium. and seting the wireless volume are types of distractions that can impair driving. Texting while driving is considered to be the most serious distraction because it requires ocular. cognitive. and manual attending from the driver. A survey done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reveals some flooring statistics associating to texting while driving. The hazard of accidents is 32. 2 times greater while texting and driving. Texting while driving reduces reaction clip and consequences in longer response times than even bibulous drive. Texting while driving has been shown to be tantamount to imbibing four beers and driving. Drivers usually spend about five seconds looking at their nomadic devices in the minutes right before clangs. or near clangs. That is adequate clip going at a standard main road velocity. to cover the length of a football field.

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When teens text and drive it consequences in lane weaving and rushing up or down. increasing the likeliness of accidents. Texting while driving is besides the figure one reported distraction by adolescent drivers. Even though 95 % of drivers surveyed said texting while driving was unacceptable and insecure. at least 21 % admit to making it anyhow. ( Hagerman. Penny M. ) Alex Brown. age 17. died in a rollover accident on her manner to school. She was texting and driving at the clip of the accident. Her parents have started the Remember Alex Brown Foundation in order to warn people about the dangers of texting while driving. Many high schools across the United States have signed the Remember Alex Brown pledge. The Brown household continues to go and distribute the word about the dangers of texting while driving. Many companies. such as AT & A ; T and Allstate. hold launched runs to assist inform people of the dangers of texting while driving. Taylor Sauer was a bright. surpassing. college adolescent that committed a fatal error. Sauer was driving from Utah State University to Caldwell. Idaho to see her household. She spent the trip messaging a friend on facebook about the Denver Broncos.

Her last message was. “I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is non safe! Haha! ! ” Several minutes subsequently. Taylor. traveling 80 miles per hour. slammed into the dorsum of a oiler truck that was going up a hill at 15 miles per hour. She was killed immediately and the research workers found no indicant that she applied the brakes before the clang. The constabulary obtained her phone records and discovered that she was directing messages about every 90 seconds during her trip. Idaho is one of the 13 provinces that have no texting while driving Torahs. Sauer’s parents have become lobbyists in the Idaho legislative assembly to go through a prohibition on texting while driving. Texting while driving is responsible for 1. 600. 000 accidents per twelvemonth. 330. 000 hurts per twelvemonth. 11 adolescent deceases everyday. and about 25 % of all auto accidents. ( “Texting and Driving Statistics” ) In December. the National Transportation Safety Board encouraged all U. S. States to censor drivers from utilizing electronic devices when driving. NTSB president Deborah A. P. Hersman said in a statement “It is clip for all of us to stand up for safety by turning off electronic devices when driving. No call. no text. no update. is worth a human life. ” ( Khan. Huma )

Thirty-five provinces and the District of Columbia ban text messaging for all drivers. An extra seven provinces prohibit text messaging by novitiate drivers. In 32 of the 35 provinces. texting while driving is a primary discourtesy. ( “Cell Phone and Texting Laws” ) In most provinces if you are texting while driving and do an accident that kills person. the penalty can merely be a all right. In the province of Utah. the punishment for texting while driving is much tougher. A texting driver who causes a human death is punished every bit harshly as person who is imbibing while driving. and can confront up to 15 old ages in prison. In West Virginia. text messaging while driving could shortly be against the jurisprudence. Legislation was late approved that would forbid texting while driving on July 1. 2012. Texting while driving will be a primary discourtesy and mulcts will be $ 100 for a first clip discourtesy. $ 200. 00 for a 2nd misdemeanor. and $ 300. 00 for a 3rd misdemeanor. Governor Tomblin is expected to subscribe the measure into jurisprudence. Oppositions against texting while driving Torahs think that these prohibitions will be really hard to implement.

They besides believe drivers are faced with many types of distractions. non merely texting. How is a police officer on the side of the route supposed to state if person is looking down to force buttons on their phone or seting the wireless volume? A recent survey conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute implies that Torahs aimed at controling texting while driving accidents do non cut down texting related accidents. but really increase the figure of accidents. “The institute hypothesizes that the addition in claims may be due to drivers concealing their cell phones out of sight. while still utilizing them to text. doing them to take their eyes off the route. ” The HLDI besides suggest that “public policy that focuses on merely one beginning of distraction may neglect merely because it doesn’t acknowledge that drivers ever are capable to distraction” . ( Mitchell. Anne P. ) In the United States. place belt Torahs are in consequence all across the state.

These Torahs are designed to protect each one of us separately. It is clip for legislators to besides set into consequence Torahs sing texting while driving. Texting while driving is happening in epidemic proportions and it is claiming many lives. When we make the pick to text and drive. we are non merely seting ourselves at hazard. but we are besides wilfully jeopardizing others. I agree that drivers today are faced with many distractions when they drive. nevertheless. texting and drive is the most unsafe. When you text and drive. you have to take your eyes off the route. mind off of what you are making. and your custodies off the wheel. I feel that all provinces need to ordain Torahs against texting while driving and I think that these Torahs need to be purely enforced.

I agree that the jurisprudence may be hard to implement. nevertheless. if an officer suspects you are texting. the cogent evidence will be in the phone records. If we punish texting piece driving every bit harshly as bibulous drive. I believe that we will see a diminution in this unsafe behaviour. I besides feel that instruction is an of import portion of altering this unsafe behaviour. AT & A ; T. The Alex Brown Foundation. and many other organisations are working to inform the populace of the dangers associated with texting while driving. My last text message was “LOL” ; conceive of deceasing or killing person over a message like that! Be smart and play it safe. don’t text and thrust.

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