The Bog Boy Essay

By: Capital of virginia Riggs
World History – Mr. Place – 2A

The Bog Boy

In 7012 a organic structure was found in the sludge on the shores of Silver Lake. He had a limited sum of identifiable points on him. He had a black back pack filled to the lip with documents and binders and 100s of pages of text edge together into a book-like thing. He had a billfold filled with more documents. “Gosh! people 5. 000 old ages ago truly liked paper. ” I thought to myself. Another object in his billfold was a piece of plastic that had a image of him on it. It said his name was Brandon Stelmer. and that he went to Fenton High School. he was in the tenth class. He appeared to be dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt over a t-shirt with the words. “Music of the Night” in glow-in-the-dark print. heavy jean denims. and Nike places. Brandon was a tall male child. merely a small over 6 pes. with size 14 places. There was a Timex trade name ticker on his right carpus. which likely meant he was left-handed. and the ticker was still clicking!

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There was besides some kind of a rectangular communicating device in his pocket and at least five dollars with of alteration. Due to fact that there is no O in the sludge. there is a good preserved Fenton In Print newspaper. a Fenton Tigers Class of 2016 Year Book. and a agenda naming Brandon’s autumn term classs. and a day-to-day agenda. Most of the childs in the Yearbook looked the same. The male childs had short hair and jerseies. while the misss all wore their hair long. and seemed a small more dressed-up than the male childs. although they excessively were have oning denims and jerseies. The articles in the high school newspaper told of the recent Fenton football triumph over the Holly Bronchoes. ( What the heck is a Broncho? ) The mark was tied at the half. but Fenton pulled off a triumph in the concluding two proceedingss. ( They kicked a field end and won by merely three points. ) Everyone acknowledged that the squad played good ; nevertheless. The Fenton Marching Tigers were the high spot of the eventide. They performed several popular melodies like The Music of the Night from a popular Broadway drama. and Thriller a melody made popular by a well-known dad star named Michael Jackson. During Rock and Roll All Night the set shocked the audience with a ne’er seen before glow-in-the-dark public presentation.

On a sad note. several set members were injured processing off the field when the visible radiations failed to reignite. There was besides a front page article depicting the recent authorities shut-down due to Congress neglecting to raise the debt bound because of a unusual thing called. “Obamacare. ” The headlines read. “Nobody Notices as Government Shuts-Down. ” The article goes on to state that more than one million non-essential people were discharged. and many commented that they couldn’t believe that one million non-essential people had occupations with the authorities. The bog male child will be displayed between the hours of 7:30 a. m. through 2:28 p. m. . Monday through Friday. at the Flint International Space Port. for those interested in sing crude adult male.