The Crusades Movie Sample Essay

The 1935 authoritative movie “The Crusades” is a movie about the 3rd campaign of the Holy Wars. Set in the 12Thursdaycentury AD. the said movie depicts the war launched by the Western Christian universe against the Arab Saracens from the East. The armed forces of France. England. Germany. Russia. and Hungary all intentionally united to repossess the Holy Land. Jerusalem. from the Muslims and the Egyptian grand Turk Saladin. The film treats its viewing audiences in a historical lesson that is reasonably easy to grok.

The campaigns started when the Roman Catholic Church decided that it was punctually right to “reclaim” the Holy Land from the Arabs and give it back to Christianity where it genuinely belonged. The Catholics felt that it was merely right that the Land of Jesus be theirs and that it was their responsibility to take attention of it. In the 10Thursdaycentury Pope Alexander II issued a apostolic approval to the Iberian Christians in order to legalize the war against the Muslims and they called this “Holy War” to warrant the force and atrociousnesss that the Crusaders will finally hold done. This resulted in an extended full-scale war against the Muslims. Subsequently. Pope Urban II gave an ardent discourse to repossess the Holy Land to the Council of Clermont therefore lighting and stirring up the Holy War’s popular cause. He is credited with the first monolithic PR run because he instigated a spiritual propaganda. He. possibly inspired by his ain personal involvements. fierily advocated “Just War” and he besides preached that soldiers who would take part in the Holy War would have a entire remittal of wickednesss. This became a really attractive offer to Catholics who wanted to get away ageless damnation. As a consequence. so many people participated and became Crusaders. doing the Crusade successful.

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The above mentioned indulgence offered by the Catholic Church was the major drive factor for the people. particularly the hapless. who joined the Crusades. This is precisely why the poorpeople from France dropped everything and walked a really long journey to Jerusalem. For them. that sort of adversity was decidedly deserving it. They believed that if they reached the Holy Land. all their old wickednesss would be wiped out and that they would be awarded a clean slate. And deceasing while contending for this sanctum cause was even better- 1 would travel directly to heaven.

Even though the crusaders’ primary mission was to take back the metropolis of Jerusalem. they besides ransacked and destroyed Christian metropoliss that they passed through. The ground behind this was the struggle between the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox Christians who resided in the East. The reformers wanted to extinguish the Jews taking refuge inside these cities’ churches and other Christian edifices. The Orthodox Christians were protective of the Jews. and that’s why the Crusaders had to level the Christian metropoliss.

Byzantine. located in the East. was threatened by the Islamic universe by that clip. The imperium had lost districts in Asia Minor to the Arabs. Desiring to repossess these profitable districts. its leader. Alexios. appealed to Pope Urban II for aid. Pope Urban in return proverb this as a perfect chance to warrant the launching of an full-scale Holy War. Basically. Byzantine saw the Crusades as a signifier of aid in progressing its ain involvements. Likewise. the Crusades saw Byzantine as an effectual assistance in transporting out its conflict as Byzantine supplied extra ground forces to them.

There were little campaigns that were done before the Crusaders reached Jerusalem but they successfully reached the Holy Land during the First campaign. The Turks were one of the enemies of the Crusades. They took the county of Edessa from the crusaders’ control. War against them remained a job for Eastern Europe in the centuries to follow.

In the onslaught at Antioch. a adult male opened the city’s gates therefore enabling the Crusades to successfully interrupt into Antioch’s walls. This secured the attacker’s triumph. It can be said that. yes. one adult male can decidedly alter history everlastingly. If non for that adult male. history might hold taken a really different class from what it is today.

After the Crusaders marched into Jerusalem. a few Christian leaders claimed Kingship over Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem were starved and virtually tortured. They ( reformers ) wanted to extinguish the Jews. Saracen. every bit good as the other Arab people. Other Arab states were self-satisfied about this because King Richard made a three-year armistice with Saladin.

The statement “As long as there were independent Emirs the Crusades were safe” is true. I agree with it. Equally long as the Arabs were contending with each other. they could non organize a strong and effectual ground forces that is able to get the better of the Crusaders. One illustration of this is the autumn of Edessa.

Zengi suceeded in repossessing the county of Edessa. He focused on get the better ofing his Arab enemies foremost. He besides focused in accumulating wealth to fund his forces. After completing with his Arabic challengers. he tried to suppress Damascus but he failed. A twelvemonth subsequently. he once more tried for the 2nd clip but once more. he was thwarted. Failure happened to him once more on the 3rd clip. By that clip. the swayer of Edessa neglected the city’s security. Zengi saw this as an chance and ransacked Edessa. Finally. on the 4th effort. he was winning.

Salah Eddine was exultant in mobilising several communities and in retaining support for him as a leader because he used Islam as a uniting force for his topics. He was a good and at the same clip. cunning leader and this enabled him to procure triumphs for his ground forces.

It is said that when Richard left the Holy Land in 1192. he ended the campaigns. But other campaigns still followed.

In my sentiment. the Crusades is decidedly non yet finished. The Crusades. when taken its popular mission. purposes to beef up the Catholic power. It aims to magnify the Roman Catholic voice- and to distribute God’s word to the “unenlightened ones” . This. today. is still go oning. The Catholics have their missionaries who travel to assorted distant countries in the hope of change overing people to Christianity. Besides. the war between Muslims and Christians is really much go oning right now. We hear intelligence of hideous force being done to Christians by Muslims and frailty versa about mundane coming from different parts of the universe. It’s as if this sort of war will ne’er stop for the Christian and Muslim political orientations are at the opposite terminals. In my sentiment. this will travel on and on. Truly. these two opposing terminals are colliding. ensuing in a useless waste of lives. The Crusades has merely changed its face. but is everlastingly here to remain.


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