The Dangers of Mobile Phones Essay

Mobile phones are technologically advancing continuously in the communications sector but recent reports have claimed they are now a danger to us and our health. Although there are many benefits to using them there are also many supposed drawbacks. Therefore the aim of this report is to identify the possible dangers of using mobiles and whether they really do pose a definite health risk.

The nature of the problem

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This debate is now the cause of much worry to the general public. To begin with mobile phones have been found to emit radio waves, which give off heat affecting body tissue. According to a study, by the German Federal Agency, this produces damaging effects for people living within 400 metres of a phone mast, as they have three times the risk of developing cancer compared to those living out of it’s boundaries. (

However, conflict has risen between researchers, as some argue that these radio waves are not powerful enough to cause this damage to the body.

In addition there has been speculation about the fact that phones create magnetic fields, which may affect the way the cells in our body work although this is unclear as the magnetic fields have been shown to be incredibly small, and unlikely to affect our body cells. (

Another worrying issue has been released recently, which states that ‘mobile phone users are 2.5% times more likely to develop cancer in the brain’. This has caused major concern even though people say the link between cancer and mobiles is unproved and unclear. Conversely the International Agency for Research on Cancer have actually found a connection between childhood cancer and power lines as they emit a certain type of radiation. The argument against this is, the radiation produced by power lines is a different kind of radiation and therefore does not match the substance emitted by phones. (

Individuals and groups involved in the conflict are:

* Companies- Mobile phone companies are apprehensive about the new results found as this may affect their sales rates if the public take them seriously.

* Consumers- These are divided between the people who are genuinely worried about their health and those who will continue to use mobiles regardless of speculations.

* Government- the Government will be worried for the public and may spend some money looking into the issues whilst funding research so the truth can emerge. Also the Government makes money by granting licences to phone companies so they will definitely lose out if sales decrease.

* Scientists- may have a balanced viewpoint about the conflict as they have to remain neutral to engage in research. It therefore depends on what they find and whether the government for this particular issue provides funds for them.

Possible resolutions

The public could discontinue using mobile phones altogether due to the issues raised, but this will greatly affect our society because mobiles have become a part of our lives. This theory is quite unrealistic and impracticable, so would be extremely difficult to impose. Additionally by using technology further, scientists may find a way of stopping the radiation produced from phones affecting us, but this will require a large amount of funding to work out and will take time due to research allowing for experiments to be put into practise.


Overall, I have found in producing this report, there is no concrete evidence to support the claims made against mobile phones. Although there are certain raised issues which need to be investigated more thoroughly if they are to be proved to be true. In my opinion there is no sufficient evidence which proves mobiles are a danger to us so we therefore cannot act upon theories only.