The Effects of Improper Waste Management to Humans Essay

Waste management is important and crucial to humans. It is actually the collection, storage, processing, disposing, and recycling of waste products. These waste products are mainly of household waste, industrial waste, nuclear power plants and so on. The problem of improper waste management is on the rise from day to day. If the waste products are not managed properly, it will cause a lot of bad influences to humans. The effects of improper waste management to humans are contamination of soil, floods, extinction of plants and animals, air contamination and depletion of ozone layer.

Firstly, the improper waste management will bring up contamination of soil that will bring harms to humans. Normally waste products that can be recycled will be buried underground, so that they could contaminate the soil surrounding it. Carcinogen is a substances that causes the breed of tumours or cancerous cell in human body. DEHA, a type of carcinogen will be released from the breaking down of plastic water bottle. This type of chemical can cause weight loss, liver problem and reproductive issues to humans.

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Furthermore, it can pass through the soil and cause contamination that can result in damage to the plant and animal cell as well as the sources of water. Ink that is use in newspaper or paper adds on toxicity to the soil too. If the waste is not contained correctly in a landfill, it will then contaminate the ground surrounding it. The polluted water will contain harmful substance or toxic that will cause health problems to humans such as stomachache and so on. So, this contamination will cause health risk to humans. Flood is also one of the results from the improper waste management.

This is mainly caused by those trash or waste products that have been thrown by people into the river or the waste products that have been excrete from those industries without having those waste processed in a proper way. Thus, it will then cause the river depth to be shallow; the water will overflow easily during heavy rain which will eventually cause flood. Humans who live at low area will face problem with flood that will affect their routine of daily lives. The water that is not removed in a short period will encourage the breed of Aedes which is a type of mosquitoes that can bring dengue fever to human that may cause death.

Besides, flood will affect the sources of food like paddy fields, farms and so on. Those plants cannot grow due to flood and it can cause food crisis to human. Besides, the market price of those products affected by the flood will be on the rise, human will eventually face economic crisis. For example, we cannot buy those vegetables or grains with the normal rate that we could get before the flood. Therefore, flood that results from improper waste management will cause human to lost their shelter, food source and bring them to the risk of economic crisis.

Another effect of improper waste management is the extinction of animals and plants that will then affect humans. Conservation International emphasize that waste dumping and discharging untreated sewage can bring harms to marine life and animals who have direct contact with the polluted water that contains high nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. The explosive algal bloom is the major factor of eutrophication which is a slow aging process that happen when lake, river or shallow body of water is deteriorating into a marsh and eventually fully ‘dies’. This increase of the growth of algae will result in the loss of oxygen in the water.

When a large amount of algae begins to die, the decaying algae further deplete the level of oxygen in the water which suffocated the fishes and other aquatic plants and animal life, thus contaminate their habitat as well. Furthermore, fishes or marine animals that were feasting off of contaminated place may accidentally reach fisherman and are caught for humans’ source of food. Those toxic that remains in the fish or any marine animals will then transfer to human body as we consume the food. One will feel sick when they have eaten the contaminated fish.

For example, if a person ingested a contaminated fish that contains mercury, the mercury poisoning can affect the blood pressure regulation and reproductive system or even memory loss. Thus, the extinction of animals and plants caused by improper waste management do not benefits humans but harms. Other than that, air contamination is also one of the consequences from improper waste management to humans. Rubbish that contains harmful chemical substances such as oil, acid or bleach should be disposed in approved containers and labelled properly. Open burning of plastic and other materials can contaminate the air when they are burned.

The levels of chemicals in the ozone layer will increase from time to time. A public health risk may occur as people might breathe in the toxin chemicals like dioxin that is within the polluted air. as According to the Energy Information Administration, methane gases will be released if the garbage is disposed in an improper way. These gases contribute to the greenhouse gases that can cause thinning of the ozone layer and thus increasing the earth’s climate or global warming. This will leads to the rising of sea level and consequently low lying land will be submerged. Over time, humans got lesser and lesser place to stay on land.

In one hand, as the country in the northern region becomes warmer, insects that might carry certain disease with them will migrate north and they will bring the plague and disease with them spreading to people all around the world. Eventually, air contamination cause by improper waste management do not benefits human. In short, the improper waste management bring no goods but harms to human. It brings effects like contamination of soil, floods, extinction of plants and animals, air contamination and depletion of ozone layer. Humans’ health is highly affected by the consequences of improper waste management.

All of these consequences can be lowered down if human obtain proper waste management even from managing the simplest waste which is domestic waste. If each of us could contribute a little time to throw the garbage properly, we could protect our environment and food sources that sustains human’s life. Moreover, we can also prevent those diseases that will spread directly or indirectly from the improper waste management. We should apply the 3R concept well, which is ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. If the 3R concept can be applied well, we can even lower down the amount of waste produced.