The Epitaph By Thomas Grey Research Essay

The Epitaph By Thomas Grey Essay, Research Paper

In the Epitaph, Thomas Gray shows his discontent toward the manner that life and decease are categorized on this planet. He speaks of Earth as a topographic point which holds people for the clip being that they are traveling through this expansive rhythm of what is called life.

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When person merely & # 8220 ; rests his caput upon the lap of Earth & # 8221 ; it is non a manner of the manner that people are laid down for their concluding resting. The Epitaph shows, decently titled, the batch about how people are being brought up and brought down in a dark kind of manner. Person? s personal epitaph is merely a topographic point where their caput remainders and Even & # 8220 ; Fair Science frowned & # 8221 ; on the facets of the individual & # 8217 ; s life and now the incapacity that they have toward this universe. Their one and merely exclusive intent in this universe is to blow infinite in the Earth and decompose off for infinity.

Gray? s manner is really challenging. He speaks of God and how there are certain things around that are merely now known as & # 8220 ; infirmities & # 8221 ; of what used to be life. Gray speaks out against the manner this individual was treated in society which is symbolic of how people are being treated as a whole and the hollowne

US Secret Service and superficiality of people in the universe. Now the individual is dead, there is no other aid that you could give him. “Large was his premium, and his psyche sincere” was how the adult male lived, and although his psyche was a true one, he was still a pronounced adult male, and now he is merely marked with a rock that protrudes from the land known as The Epitaph.

God is a portion of life which grey dispises. He goes against the thought of a belief in one immortal being who regulations over people and casts judgements and leaves some people for broke. & # 8220 ; The bosom of his male parent and his God & # 8221 ; were those that were unhelpful in the dead adult male? s life, because he ended up merely as everyone else will, dead, it is merely that he was non blessed with every bit much life. Gray likely knew person who died at a immature age and it had a traumatizing consequence on him, so he turned to composing of dark and drab times and those of the epitaphs and of cemeteries and the beliefs of Gods and how they relate to life and decease.

Thomas Gray? s The Epitaph shows the manner that we treat moral and societal jobs and assist to alarm us of another and how defective our beliefs towards the apposition between life and decease are in our society.