The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Summary Essay

Summary of Chapter 8 The last chapter left off with what seems like Daisy and Tom planning to pin the blame of Myrtles death on Gatsby. Chapter 8 starts with Nick running to Gatsby’s house to find out what happened last night. After searching for some cigarettes Nick tells Gatsby to move away for a while. Nick is worried that the authorities will trace Gatsby’s car and he will get blamed for Myrtles death. Gatsby however doesn’t want to leave Daisy. Gatsby then tells Nick about his childhood. In his childhood, Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, and unexpectedly Daisy also fell in love with Gatsby.

However, Gatsby had to go to war afterwards. While Gatsby was in the war, Daisy couldn’t wait for Gatsby’s return and started dating men. Daisy then decided that she wanted her life to be shaped, and didn’t want to wait for Gatsby, so she ended up marrying Tom Buchanan. Gatsby came back from the war when Tom and Daisy were still on their wedding trip. We come back to the present where Nick now has to go to work. Before he goes, Nick tells Gatsby that He is “worth the whole damn bunch put together. ” Nick is so disturbed by what has happened, he does not even want Jordan Baker to visit him, nor does he want to see her.

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We now go to another scene where Wilson is talking to his friend, Michaelis. Wilson tells Michaelis about how he will find the killer of Myrtle, and that god’s eyes see everything (talking about the eyes of Doctor TJ Eckleburg). He is distraught over his wives death. He talks about how even though she didn’t care about him and had an affair, he still loved her. The same day, Gatsby goes swimming in the pool that he has not touched the whole summer. As Gatsby is swimming and floating on a mattress, Wilson comes and kills Gatsby. He also ends up killing himself, committing suicide.