The History Of Dengue Fever Biology Essay

Two old ages ago, my friend died due to dengue febrility. At that clip no 1 was familiar with that disease. In get downing, his temperature ; got out of control. He had intense hurting in his organic structure. He had a high concern. After a twenty-four hours, he started purging with blood. Everyone was really much worried about him. His parents took him to the infirmaries. Doctor suggested him to hold some blood trials. After blood trials, physician told his parents that he was enduring from dandy fever febrility. He was admitted into the infirmary for better intervention. His status got worse twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and shortly he died of dandy fever. I took his decease to my bosom because I was really much attached to him. Therefore, I decided to make a research on dandy fever febrility. And able to distribute the consciousness about dandy fever to my loved 1s, so that, I do non lose any more of my loved 1 ‘s to dengue as they might take appropriate safeguards to salvage themselves from dandy fever febrility.

When I researched for the history of dandy fever febrility I came to cognize that Dengue was known from the yearss of WW2. It has been the cause of many deceases since so. It has been observed that in 1060’sthe figure of victims of dandy fever febrility increased quickly and became a major panic in people ‘s head. Peoples did n’t cognize how to avoid dandy fever febrility due to miss of consciousness and cognition about dandy fever febrility. Many states had faced badness in dandy fever febrility. Srilanka has been confronting dandy fever febrility for many old ages. Many people die in Srilanka due to dengue febrility every twelvemonth. “ Consequently, up to September, there have been 18,263 instances reported across the state along with 129 deceases. The capital Colombo histories for 7,170 of the patients. ”[ 1 ]Singapore had besides affected by dandy fever febrility. Dengue febrility caused many terrible deceases in Singapore. ” In theA 2005 dandy fever eruption in Singapore, a important rise in the figure ofA dandy fever feverA instances was reported inA Singapore, going the state ‘s worst wellness crisis since the 2003A SARSA epidemic. In October 2005, there were marks that the dandy fever febrility eruption had peaked, as the figure of hebdomadal instances had declined and the eruption of this infective diseaseA was under control by the terminal of 2005. In 2005, there were a sum of 13,984 dandy fever febrility instances and 19 people died. The eruption peaked in the months of September and October, when it caused infirmaries to call off some elected surgery due to the demand to apportion more beds for dandy fever patients. ”[ 2 ]

Dengue febrility came into Pakistan due to pall trading with Srilanka and Singapore. Dengue febrility besides consequences in the deceases in Pakistan. “ The figure of patients affected with the dandy fever virus has now mounted to over 5,000 across Pakistan. Furthermore, the decease toll as a consequence of the disease besides rose to 31.According to Pakistan ‘s National Health Department ( NHD ) ; the figure of confirmed dandy fever patients in the state has risen to 5,050.Out of the 5,050, 2,350 patients are in Sindh, 1,885 in Punjab and at least 158 dandy fever patients are present in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a private intelligence channel reported. There are at least 380 patients in Rawalpindi and 230 in Islamabad. – APP ” .[ 3 ]

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Dengue is an infective, mosquito-borne, febrility. In terrible instances likeA dengue hemorrhagic febrility “ ( DHF ) ” 1 it could turn out fatal. It is caused by ” Aedes aegypti mosquito bite ”[ 4 ]. It causes temperature, deficiency of consciousness and decided decrease in white blood cells. This consequences in, shed blooding from the olfactory organ, oral cavity, and internal tissues. Person feels so much hurting and concern. Dengue febrility is a really harmful caused by dandy fever virus. Dengue is carried out by female mosquito. The production and raising of dandy fever mosquito is in clean H2O. They eat algae drifting on the surface of H2O. The dandy fever mosquitoes are largely found at the topographic points where pure H2O is found. Accrued H2O in Surs will besides give birth to the dandy fever mosquitoes. Dengue mosquitoes are largely found in the deep-rooted countries. Dengue mosquito bites the worlds largely at twilight and morning. They bite human existences and suck the blood from their organic structure and reassign their spit into the worlds. And non merely it bites ; it besides urinates on the tegument which is one of the causes of dandy fever febrility. When the spit of affected mosquito entered in one ‘s organic structure, it attacked on the white blood cells and consequence is in the lessening of white blood cells. The sum of thrombocytes in the blood besides decreases. A individual who is affected from dandy fever febrility starts purging with blood after the lessening in white blood cells and thrombocytes.

Dengue febrility besides known as interruption bone febrility. In dandy fever febrility, people have to confront a batch of hurting in every portion of organic structure. And battle against that hurting ; and the looser has to lose his life. They feel really pain in their castanetss due this dandy fever fever known as interruption bone febrility. Dengue patients face high temperature, intense hurting in castanetss, intense concern, hemorrhage, purging, Loss of appetency, Change in gustatory sensation esthesis, mental crossness and annoyance in eyes. The tegument of dengue patient becomes ruddy. The blood of dengue patient becomes thin. They feel really tiredness and inability to make any work.

“ Symptoms possibly milder in Children are than in grownups. The acute stage of unwellness can last for 1 hebdomad followed by a 1 to 2 hebdomad period of recovery period that is characterized by failing, unease and loss of appetency. Escape of plasma from vascular compartment taking to increased blood concentration and manifestations of daze. These symptoms when non treated may take to Dengue Shock Syndrome, which when non treated instantly may take to profound daze and finally decease. ”[ 5 ]

In all instances dengue is non fatal. If it is non cured earlier when diagnosed so it would acquire drawn-out and might turn out fatal for the patient. At first when mosquito bites, merely dandy fever is diagnosed. But after 14 yearss, without proper interventions it changes to DHF ; the fatal 1. In which the figure of white blood cells starts diminishing fleetly. White blood cells present in the blood causes it to clot. But when it starts diminishing ; the coagulating power of blood lessenings in the same mode. Blood gets thin bit by bit. And blood vass are non able to keep the blood in them. This consequences in the hemorrhage ; from olfactory organ, oral cavity, ears, vass and other organic structure tissues. Body is non able to keep the blood. And patient loses its blood bit by bit. On the norm, a human organic structure has 6-7 litres of blood and plasma. But in patient it decreases to abnormal degree, so that its bosom is no longer to present the O to other organic structure parts. And as a whole the dandy fever hemorrhagic febrility ( DHF ) proves fatal. In the early phase it could be easy cured by medical specialty. There are besides anti-biotic which can contend against the dandy fever febrility. Day after the twenty-four hours it produces more complexness to the intervention. If the individual is non retrieving by itself or by the usage of medical specialty, so the dandy fever febrility would alter into ( DHF ) and so the patient is applied blood by outside to keep the blood degree in the organic structure with right sum of white blood cells. This procedure besides adds unsusceptibility to the patient to contend against the fatal disease.

If the individual is victim of dandy fever febrility he should travel to sophisticate instantly as the dandy fever febrility is really much harmful. It can do any sort of harm. He must follow physician advice. There is no such specific medical specialty for the intervention of dandy fever febrility. Most of the people think that dandy fever febrility is a normal febrility and they did non travel to sophisticate and make their interventions own their ain. They merely take the antibiotics such as dispirin, brufin and many others which are non the solution to get the better of dandy fever febrility. Alternatively of bring arounding the disease these tablets cause some side effects such as cutting of blood cause blood emesis. He should straight instantly travel to sophisticate to acquire rid of dandy fever febrility which is really much harmful. If he is at place he should take medical specialty like acetaminophens so that the febrility could be reduced. Dengue febrility can besides be treated by Homeopathy but it takes clip to demo its effects, but it wholly treats the dandy fever febrility. Oral rehydration therapy is required for the patients who had dehydrated because of purging and high febrility. The nutrient given to the dandy fever patients should be harmonizing to appetency. The patient of dandy fever febrility should take fresh juices such as apple, orange, Punica granatum etc. some people said that the patients of dengue febrility should utilize the juice of papaia foliages with two or three beads of lemon in it. Patients of dandy fever febrility took two to three hebdomads to retrieve from dandy fever febrility In instance high febrility, the patient should be showered with cold H2O and wet cotton patch should be topographic points on brow and pess. The patients of dengue febrility should maintain themselves covered so that other mosquito ‘s do n’t seize with teeth them if the mosquito ‘s will seize with teeth them so those mosquito ‘s will besides go every bit harmful as dandy fever. By that the figure dandy fever mosquitoes will increase really quickly and it will go really hard to get the better of dandy fever.

In add-on all the people who do non endure from the dandy fever should avoid this harmful disease and for that they will hold to stay some safeguards. To avoid from dandy fever mosquitoes the people should take some safeguards such as they should maintain houses Windowss and doors closed and do non take the mosquitoes come in bite them and do a really serious fatal disease like dandy fever febrility. The people must no have on the half sleeves shirts and should non travel outdoors in the early forenoon and late eventide. If person goes out he should cover his organic structure with full arm shirts and long bloomerss. He must have on the socks to avoid dandy fever febrility. Peoples should utilize bed cyberspace. Stay in air conditioned suites to avoid dandy fever febrility. Peoples should imbibe adequate fluids to avoid dandy fever febrility. They should utilize the mospel and enkindled mortine in their houses and should utilize mosquito repellant lotion on their organic structures and acquire their houses with mosquitoes ‘ repellant spray. Peoples should cultivate mosquito ‘s repellant workss like tulsi, basil and niazbow. Peoples should clean their roof after rain autumn. Peoples should covered H2O incorporating armored combat vehicles with tight palpebra. Water fountain should be kept dry in the session of dandy fever. Water in carwash countries can besides do dandy fever so H2O should be drained instantly after rinsing vehicles. To take down the mosquito ‘s population people should cut down engendering home ground.

If we want to get the better of dandy fever febrility govt. should play an of import function for the redress of dandy fever febrility. Dengue febrility came into Pakistan due to tyre trading with Srilanka and Singapore. So Govt. should either halt trading with these states or they should look into dandy fever larva in the Sur before trading. Govt. should spray on the lakes, pools, dead H2O and the home ground of dandy fever. Govt. should spray in schools, colleges, infirmaries, gardens, public topographic points to get the better of dandy fever febrility. Govt. can forestall the spread of dandy fever febrility by different consciousness plans through different beginnings such as societal media, electronic media, print media, societies, seminars and door to door awareness plans in every topographic point of state ; concentrating nonreader peoples of state and puting up sections for this intent and consciousness centres in every town of state. NGO ‘s should besides play an of import function to get the better of dandy fever febrility by making different consciousness plans and seminars In Pakistan Punjab authorities has played an effectual function in commanding the spread of dandy fever. Punjab govt. held many seminars throughout the state to distribute consciousness. They have distributed many sprays among peoples to halt dandy fever. They stop trading of Surs. The most of import measure to get the better of dandy fever is to happen its roots through research and that is precisely what Punjab Govt. has made it as its first precedence. Punjab govt. has published book on dandy fever for the consciousness in people. A great rising prices has come this twelvemonth every bit compared to last two old ages in which 1000s of people affected by dandy fever febrility which is a great advancement of PUNJAB GOVT. On the other manus, NGO ‘s in Pakistan besides play a great function to get the better of dandy fever febrility. They conduct dengue consciousness seminars in those countries where most of the people are illiterate and incognizant about dandy fever febrility, which is besides the ground of aforesaid rising prices.

In decision, As it can be seen that dandy fever febrility is a really much unsafe, quickly distributing virus and polluting which can be seen by its quickly increasing victims and its spreading in different states of universe including Singapore, Srilanka, Pakistan and more in a really short interval of clip and holding the important Numberss of deceases. While as it is seen that it can be controlled, if we take safeguards for it which are now known by research. It is the 1 of the alone febrility in itself that is why it ‘s besides known as “ BREAK BONE ” febrility. So, we should rede peoples related to us and everyone we can to salvage them from dandy fever febrility by taking proper safeguards.