The it taste. Packaged fast foods such

The most consumed and
popular form of food around the globe is fast food. Fast food not only tastes
delicious but is also very harmful to the
health of human bodies. Fast food is popular around the globe as it can easily
be consumed within minutes and takes equal to no time for preparation. With the
increase in fast food consumption around the globe, the increase in health-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes
and much more have seen a surge over the
past few years.

            The popularity of fast food can be
attributed to the speed at which it can be produced and served to customers. Almost
all of the fast foods available are deep fried. The oil is reused again and
again but producers without keeping the adverse effects it has on the health of
the consumer. Fast food is mostly composed of white flour, sugars and lots of
different kinds of syrups that help give it taste. Packaged fast foods such as
chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc. are made by grinding various parts of animals
and thus are composed of all the unhygienic material that can be found on the
animals. Fast foods chains around the globe have been strongly criticized for
the negative health effects it has on humans. The high-calorie count in fast foods leads to various health diseases
such as obesity and heart problems. The high salt content in fast found also
contributes to the negative effects on the human health. Whereas the high sugar
content in fast foods such as cakes and beverages are likely to become the
cause of diabetes. Moreover, these carbohydrates can easily be stored in the
body in the form of fat deposits. Furthermore, since most fast foods are cooked
in grease or large amounts of oil, the unhealthy consumption of these oily fats

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Fast Food                                                             



lead to obesity.
Excess consumption of fast foods can also lead to various diseases and health
concerns. According to various research’s, fast foods are not actual food but rather
a combination of meat, bones and fat, mixed with food additives and flavors, in
addition to preservatives for a longer shelf life. The additives and preservatives
in fast food can cause harm to the body. Some of the preservatives are known to
contain carcinogenic. The consumption of some of these carcinogenic can even cause cancer. Fatty fast foods such as French
Fries and Fried Chicken contain a high content
of sodium. The high sodium content in the human body can lead to cardiovascular
issues and kidney diseases. The extra sugar and food dyes available in fast
food, make it more addictive, therefore more the consumption, the more the
craving for such products. The trans-fat
present in fast food can lead to liver damage. The production of fast food
items such as hamburgers requires large amounts of resource use as well, such
as water and grain for feeding the cattle. In addition to these resources, growth
hormones and antibiotics are also fed to the cattle, which is consumed by the humans can be passed onto
them, as well. The consumption of such hormones can lead to various cancers and
damage to the human immune system.

            Fast foods are prepared in bulks,
thus the preparation of any food item in bulks
increases the risk of downgraded quality of the food. Most fast food producers
use unhealthy and unhygienic means of providing food to their customers. One
such example is the consumption of the same oil or grease a number of times.
The reuse of oil or grease causes the oil to break
down into its components, which can prove to be hazardous to the human
health. By reusing the oils, bacteria and other free radicals can easily become
a part of the food and cause severe infection

Fast Food                                                                                                                                        



and diseases. The
unhygienic states of some fast food joints can cause diseases such as diarrhea,
intestinal or other gastrointestinal

conclusion, the consumption and production of fast food can not only cause
significant negative impacts on the human health
but the environment around us as well. The consumption of fast foods is a
health hazard but moderate and controlled amounts of consumption of such foods
can help change the present state of increased obesity and health diseases.