The Lion King Review Sample Essay

There is no uncertainty that a critics reappraisal of a movie can impact the movies public presentation at the box office. However. does a critic’s reappraisal influence the manner an audience will experience about a movie? Writer and critic Margaret Lazarus surely tries to act upon readers of her article. Al’ls Not Well in Land of The Lion King. by saying that the Disney film is a premier illustration of the stereotypes that are typical among todays society. Lazarus implies that there is an underlying significance to the film. She believes this significance is exuded in the portraiture and actions of peculiar characters. I believe her accusal that Disney is seeking misguide immature kids through a subliminal message in The Lion King to be wholly absurd. My inquiry is. why does Lazarus experience the demand to defame The Lion King by seeking to mention illustrations that are empty statements without anything to back up her statement?

Lazarus gives a brief overview of the movie in her article but she besides tries to writhe The Lion King into something that it is non. She foremost claims that there are two specific and distinguishable topographic points that the animate beings inhabit. The Pride Land is a happy topographic point where all is good and animate beings live together in supposed harmoniousness ( Lazarus 1 ) . The other topographic point. known as the elephant cemetery. is a dark and drab land where immorality lurks. The job with this is that in society it is non black and white like Lazarus attempts to exemplify. Sure there is some bad in society but along with the bad normally comes good and frailty versa. Nothing is as clear cut as Lazarus tries to connote when she describes the home grounds of the characters. Lazarus so describes the characters that live in the Pride Lands. She depicts the animate beings in the Pride Lands as being good natured.

Lazarus describes the male monarch of the Pride Lands as a beautiful aureate king of beasts whose boy. Simba. will win him as male monarch. This is a blunt contrast when compared to the description that Lazarus makes when she references the characters that live in the elephant cemetery. She writes in her article that the leader of the elephant cemetery is Scar. who is the male monarchs brother. Scar is depicted as an evil black king of beasts whose loyal topics are the hyaena. The hyaena. besides dark in colour. are malicious towards Simba and the other animate beings that inhabit the Pride Lands. Lazarus. already in the beginning of her article makes the differentiation that there is the good and the bad in the film in her description of the Pride Lands. It is Lazarus that stereotypes the film through her descriptions and non Disney.

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Lazarus so goes into farther item when she describes how she thinks each character in The Lion King is stereotyped by Disney authors. Lazarus feels that Scar is presumptively cheery merely based on the manner he speaks. This is the lone logical thinking that she gives to back up her averment that he is homosexual. After sing the film for the 2nd clip. I can candidly state that I did non come to the same decision that Lazarus did in her article. In no other manner does Disney demo that Scar has homosexual inclinations. Lazarus might hold said that Scar seemed to be a spot on the feminine side in the film but even that is proven to be untrue because Scar is the bully of the film and ends up killing Mufasa. These are non the features of person who is feminine in nature. Furthermore. Lazarus fails to flush advert the one questionable minute in the film when Scares gender could be debated. In the movie. Simba says that he thinks his uncle Scar is eldritch. Scar so replies to Simba. you have no thought. ( The Lion King ) but what does that truly intend? That line can be interpreted in many ways depending on who is sing the film. Is it political correct to state that merely because one provinces that they are eldritch it makes them gay? Lazarus contradicts herself by pigeonholing Scar as homosexual merely because of address. She clearly fails to back up the premise that she makes in her article.

Lazarus believes that Disney has made Scar out to be homosexuals but so she takes it a measure farther by connoting that the hyaenas are portraying the underprivileged people who purportedly live in the ghetto. She proves that she thinks the hyaenas are from the ghetto because they are black and besides based on the voiceover for one of the hyaena. She states in her article that. One of their voices is done by Whoopie Goldberg. in a clearly inner-city idiom ( 1 ) . Again. Lazarus assumes that merely because one hyaena sounds inner-city all the hyaenas sound that manner and that the decision must be that inner-city is ghetto. Lazarus doesnt define what that term means in her article. she merely relates inner-city to the ghetto. In our society inner-city means that you are from an country in the metropolis that is centrally located ( inner-city. Wikipedia ) . It might intend you are from a hapless country or it might intend that you are from a more flush country depending on who you ask. This definition proves that hyaenas are non needfully ghetto merely because they are inner-city. Lazarus tries to give the term a negative intension with out supplying any concluding to back up her statement.

In The Lion King. Mufasa is killed and Simba is run out of the Pride Lands by Scar. Scar so anoints himself as male monarch and makes the lionesses his slaves. Lazarus claims that the lionesses are low-level to Scar and the hyaena and are incapacitated until Simba returns to recapture the Pride Lands from Scar. It is true that the lionesses are slaves to Scar but merely because they are forced into being slaves. Lazarus makes it sound like they chose to be submissive because they did non fight back. Disney authors could non hold let the lionesses overtake Scar because it would alter the whole narrative line. After all. the film is called The Lion King and non The Lionesses. This film is all about the Lion King. who merely happens to be Simba. And if there is any inquiry about who the male monarch is. all one demands as cogent evidence is to mention back to one of the gap vocals which Simba sings. I merely can’t delay to be King. Lazarus declares that The Lion King corrupts kids by giving them an underlying significance that merely the wealthy and powerful will be influential and be able to set up alteration. What The Lion King truly establishes is that through doggedness and belief in one’s ain abilities. anything is possible.

The Lion King is about Simba’s ability to get the better of the challenges and troubles that he faces. It is clearly non about stereotypes. If it was. the possibilities for inquiries that would pigeonhole characters would be endless. There could be a inquiry originating about why Simon is scraggy and why Timone is fat merely because he’s a hog. Are all hogs needfully flesh out? Would it so be possible to state that Disney is pigeonholing fleshy people excessively? This is merely one of the inquiries shows that Lazarus’ decision that Disney authors are seeking to give The Lion King an implicit in significance is merely pathetic. The illustrations that Lazarus uses in her article don’t have anything to back up them. They are more or less statements of her sentiment and non anything that she can turn out because she has no facts to establish her statements on. Continuing to over analyze every facet of the film as Lazarus is making in her article merely miss construes the propose of the film. The true propose of The Lion King is to supply amusement. it is non to pervert the heads of immature kids.