The Notebook: As if Reading from a Notebook Sample Essay

Peoples frequently refer to the film The Notebook as a cockamamie. predictable biddy flick that plays with your emotions. doing you slop a few cryings here and at that place. Even though I’ve seen this film a million times. everytime I enjoy watching the narrative of two immature lovers who can’t happen a manner to be together due to their societal backgrounds. It’s a heartbreaking and achingly existent love narrative that will maintain you hooked from the get downing go forthing you panting for more. The film starts off with an aged adult male reading from a notebook to an old adult female in a nursing place who is quickly losing her memory. He reads to her the narrative of a immature adult male named Noah and a miss named Allie. They met at a town carnival and rapidly fell deep in love. Both of them come from wholly different universes. yet they believe that nil can rupture them apart. “It was an unlikely love affair. He was a state male child. She was from the metropolis. She had the universe at her pess. while he didn’t have two dimes to rub together” ( The Notebook 2004 ) . A summer crack said non to last. but the characters challenge that. Despite all the obstructions that stand in their manner. they manage to happen a manner back to each other.

The non so-predictable stoping concludes with the adult male reading the narrative. which is really Noah reciting Allie their life narrative. as her Alzheimer’s disease has made her forget. One strength of the film is the chemical science between the histrions Rachel McAdams ( Allie ) and Ryan Gosling ( Noah ) . The connexion between them merely seemed so existent that we could experience the love between them conveying the characters to life. Together they make a pitch-perfect couple conveying a alone feel to the movie. The chemical science between the two histrions is inexplicably unflawed. They manage to convey their love through actions instead than words. The emotions that the histrion Rachel McAdams ( Allie ) shows in the movie seem so existent that we can about experience her grief and love for Ryan Gosling’s character Noah. What stood out to me the most overall. was the fact that Allie and Noah ne’er lost hope for each other. They tried traveling on. but this didn’t seem to do damagess of their loss for each other. Allie married a soldier named Lon who swept her off her pess.

“Allie was surprised how rapidly she fell in love with Lon Hammond. He was fine-looking. smart. good story. sophisticated. and capturing. He besides came from old Southern money and was fantastically wealthy” ( The Notebook. 2004 ) . This didn’t needfully intend than she was in love. she had merely been mesmerized by what he had to offer because it was what her parents were looking for in the adult male she would get married. The storms. creaky houses. and still H2O create romantic minutes in the film puting the tone and voice. Noah’s Reconstruction of the old creaky house is emotion puting in because Noah is fundamentally retracing an full house in hopes of his love returning to him someday. This is really romantic because he isn’t giving her flowers or cocoas. but alternatively he is giving her something that means so much to them both go forthing us in awe. The scenery chosen for this portion in the film is unlike any other ; it’s perfect. This film did do an attempt in seeking to include all of the southern facets of the clip period in which the film was set in. but it lacked the fact that the “Great Depression” wasn’t seen throughout.

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The costumes did suit in with the clip period that the movie was set in. but there were tonss of elements that the movie did deficiency. Since the film was set in the 1940’s. there wasn’t much to see from that epoch besides the coal workers and autos. The astonishing scenography and filming did do up for the loss of elements from the clip period. The intended audience for this movie would be adolescent misss that dream of that perfect-storybook male child that will brush her off her pess. Most frequently people don’t want a movie that mirrors world. they want something that is the entire antonym of that. Girls most likely like to get away world even if it’s merely for a piece and that is what this film does. It helps those misss believe that there is ever a perfect stoping to the perfect love narrative. The movie ends slightly tragically. but this doesn’t take away from its significance that love conquers all. as the character stated. “So it’s non gon na be easy. It’s traveling to be truly difficult ; we’re gon na hold to work at this mundane. but I want to make that because I want you.

I want all of you. everlastingly. mundane. You and me… mundane. ” ( The Notebook 2004. ) The Notebook shows that the love between Noah and Allie is unlike any other. Their societal positions are the cause for most of their jobs. yet they don’t seem to give up. They’re merely seventeen and at that age their love seems immature and ignorant. but they challenge that by remaining strong. “But in spite their differences. they had one of import thing in common. they were brainsick about each other” ( The Notebook 2004 ) . Yet this film portrays anything bad that was of all time said about immature love and eventually makes it existent. It shows the possibilities and miracles that can happen if you believe. This film is unlike any of the other films that have been made from the same writer. It shows two lovers willing to put on the line anything and everything merely to be together. In mention to A Walk to Remember. many may state that they are two really similar secret plans sing they are both about two immature lovers. I bet the difference merely because The Notebook contains more to its secret plan.

This film isn’t merely approximately two immature lovers. it’s their life narrative and how they came to be. A Walk to Remember. on the other manus has a wholly different secret plan to that of The Notebook because their narratives are different due to the fact that it wasn’t love at first sight and their love seemed stronger since they risked everything they had already accomplished merely to be together one time more. The manager Nick Cassavetes did an astonishing occupation in animating the book into this movie doing it come to life in so many degrees. He included love affair and grief while besides pull offing to maintain the narrative traveling maintaining the audience desiring more. The sceneries shown in the film every bit good as the filming are keen lending more to the book coming to life. He chose the best histrions with a great chemical science to play the lead and the concluding merchandise was astonishing. The Notebook isn’t merely a movie for misss and immature adult females. it is for those who want to get away world for a piece and acquire lost in a romantic phantasy. It’s about a love that conquers all. get the better ofing obstructions and still pull offing to maintain the love alive.

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