((The obtaining access to written materials like

difference between both is necessary. Cronin and Taylor (1992) stated that “the
identification of their objective of delivering the maximum level of service
quality or to have customers who are satisfied with their performance is a
crucial tool for both managers and researchers.” According to Oliver (1981)
view satisfaction is “the emotional reaction followed by a disavowal
experience.” As defined by Getty and Thompson (1994) “summary cerebral
state professed by the user when confirmed or disconfirmed expectations exist
with respect to a specific service transaction or experience.”))

((The term
satisfaction defined by Kotler (2000) as “a feeling of contentment and
dissatisfaction which results when one compares expectations with the results
of performance by a product or service”).
According to Solomen et. Al. (1985) “it is the study based on the response of
associate actor and observer that determines the extent to which some parts of
the society act well.”))

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((Assurance is defined as “the knowledge and a
positive expression that aims to provide certainty” (Van Iwaarden et al., 2003).
It can, however, be also defined as “the ability of employees that will spark
the level of consumer contentment with the help of the wisdom acquired to
instill trust and certainty” (Parasuraman et al., 1988). ))

((The term tangibility as defined by Iwaarden et
al. (2003) “Appearance of employees and management team, facilities, apparatus
and that are physical in nature”. Furthermore, it is defined as “the ease in
recognition of resources that are essential for serving the consumers, spruce
employees and ease in obtaining access to written materials like folders,
pamphlets, brochures, information books etc will have an amicable effect on the
level of consumer contentment” (Parasuraman etal., 1985).))

((Empathy can be termed as “In the process of
serving the consumers, taking care of the individual customer attention”
(Iwaarden et al., 2003). Further research on this topic explained that
understanding customer expectations better than the competitors and providing
excellent services at the exact time will highly influence the customer
satisfaction level (Parasuraman et al., 1998).))

((Zeithaml et al. (1990) defined responsiveness as
“the concerns exhibited in providing rapid service to customers when needed”. It
is further defined as “the eagerness shown by the employees to greatly
influence the level of consumer satisfaction by providing the required consumer
service at all times without any aggravation” (Parasuraman et al., 1988).))