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The blog is briny ly related with the fact s supporting how a destination difference that arises mixed emotion can have an wHeart of Dixie lop on projection ion direction . The aim of the present research was to test whether pursuing conflicting goal s jumper lead to mixed emotion . It is certain that different people have different goals and target to achieve but the fact that while working in a certain project, the main goal of the project should be the subject to follow strictly by everyone involved. Conflict can be viewed as a place of disagreement between the company involved. A con?ict is de?ned as any action or circumstance resulting from incompatible or opposing needs. A project includes certain goal to fulfil with limited resources and fourth dimension . The member involved in the project are the ones responsible for the achievement of this goal and the success of this project. End conflict occurs when a goal that a person compliments to accomplish interferes with the attainment of at least one other goal that the soul simultaneously wishes to accomplish (Emmons et al. 1993). Goal conflict brings mixed emotion among the phallus or party involved in project direction which then tip to more issue and failure in the process. Mixed emotions are the experience of simultaneously feeling both positive and negative emotions (Larsen, McGraw , & Cacioppo, 2001). Mixed emotional states are an acknowledged feature of personal experience and are suggested to have unique associated physiological patterns (Kreibig, Samson, & Revenue , 2013). We can reassessment from Control-process theory that emotions arise from discrepancies between desired conclusion and advancement towards (or away from) such goals (Carver & Scheier, 1990; Business leader , 1973). Mixed emotions brings the spot of dilemma and creates fault decision making among the members resulting the rise of new difference in the project management or any other process. When there is lack of compatibility between two separate goals and no common goals can resolve those dem