The of surveillance surfaced. RCMP started to

The system of surveillance started after the First World War and during the time of cold war the extremities of surveillance surfaced. RCMP started to surveil many political leaders, university students and faculty members. The RCMP started recruiting student informers in order to extract information on any act unusual in nature carried out by “disruptive or revolutionary” groups and people involved in “counterculture” for example hippies(Griffiths, 2016). RCMP began scrutinizing people based on there sexual, economic and political orientations.A wide range of illegal activities and illusionary measures were used by the RCMP in the name of surveillance. This included use of electronic surveillance, illegal opening of the mail and the fact that RCMP was maintaining file on more than 8000000 individual Canadians. (Griffiths, 2016)During the 1950’s, the RCMP started a secret operation by the name PROFUNC which was specially designed to make a list of people who can possible be a threat to the democratic ways of the country and have communist line of thoughts.  Extensive surveillance, interrogation and hardships faced by the gay and lesbian community during those times is inevitable. Canadian government used the notion of “nation security” towards on its own citizens (Griffiths, 2016). The RCMP used various forms of surveillance-  fruit machine test, the bathhouse raids etc to name some.Following will be the guidelines if I’m a part of the commission assigned the task of laying out the guidelines for the police related to surveillance-Surveillance should be tailored in order to maintain the privacy of the person under surveillance.A prior notification to the public should be provided informing them about the surveillance that will be conducted.Safety and Security of the information gained through surveillance should be assured; this information can be in any form e.g. video, audio, paper, oral etc. If the chances of a situation that might pose a threat to the safety of the public is determined, mitigating actions to abort the risk should be prepared and imposed.An individual have the right to access their personal information. Any information that is deemed to be acquired unjustly should be eliminated.A prior warrant has to be issued in order to proceed with any kind of surveillance.It is the duty of the police to prove before a judge that the information extracted through surveillance is true in any nature and has been gained through lawful means.Techniques and devices used to survey an individual or group of individuals has to brought to the attention of the judge or the authority responsible in making a decision regarding the legitimacy of the proof.Evidence collected during surveillance by the means of threat, harassment, and discrimination, based on caste, colour, creed or gender will be inadmissible in court.No personal grudges should be involved when undertaking surveillance, nor should the surveillance and equipment used in surveillance be used for personal matters.Rights and freedoms provided to every citizen of the country under the section 7 and 8 of Canadian charter should be respected.Tempering the proof obtained through surveillance or planting a fake proof during surveillance is subjected to investigation and penalty.Police should not scrutinize on the basis of distinct cultural background. Also, targeting a specific community on the basis of suspicion is violation of the human rights.Surveillance can have adverse effects. Public’s’ trust in the police can be lost if surveillance is done against the public and not for the public. Sensitivity of the matter under question should be considered before proceeding with the surveillance.