The on different biota, and disruption of

The excessive
use of natural resources
and large scale synthesis of xenobiotic compounds have generated a number of
environmental problems such as contamination of air, water and terrestrial
ecosystems, harmful effects on different biota, and disruption of
biogeochemical cycling 5.Organophosphorus compounds (OP), are  group of highly toxic agricultural chemicals
3. Some of
these pesticides have also been reported to be
toxic, mutagenic,
carcinogenic and tumorogenic 13.

Malathion, S-(1,2-dicarbethoxyethyl)-O,O-dimethyldithiophosphate,
is an organophosphate insecticide that has been used for some time as a DDT substitute for the control of
field crop pests, household insects, flies and animal parasites. It has been known as the first
organophosphorous insecticide with high selective toxicity 2.
Malathion is powerful inhibitors of acetyl cholinesterase, an important enzyme
involved in neurotransmission, in the form of acetylcholine substitutes 16.
Environmental hazards and health risks caused by pesticides could therefore
potentially affect human health
and environment 16.

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Therefore, remediation of contaminated sites
is currently underway in order to develop safe, convenient and economically
feasible methods for pesticide detoxification 19. Bioremediation is an
environmental cleanup process that currently being investigated for use on a
wide variety of chemical 16. The
use of microbes in the bioremediation and
detoxification of many toxic xenobiotics, especially toxic pesticide is an
efficient tool for the
remediation of contaminated sites in the environment 16. They have the
capacity to utilize
virtually all naturally
and synthetically occurring compounds as their sole carbon and energy
source 13. Bacteria, fungi and some plants have potency to degrade malathion
12. Malathion
degradation products include dimethyl phosphate,
dimethyldithiophosphate, dimethylthiophosphate, isomalathion, malaoxon and due to cutinase,
carboxylesterase, phosphatase
enzymatic activity, malathion is degraded into malathion mono and
dicarboxylic acid 1.Mycodegradation is a deterioration phenomenon causing
degradation by fungi in a wide variety of materials and compounds 6.Studies
have been reported, the occurrence of several yeast such as Saccharomyces species, Candida species in various fermented
dairy or dairy related product like curd, cheese, idli, dosa, jalibi, fruit,
juices and brewery products
17.This paper focuses on biodegradation of Malathion by yeast isolated from
idli batter.