The Person Who Has Made an Impact on Your Life and Explain How and Why This Person Is Important to You Essay

Over the past years of my life there has always been an important person who has impacted me in many different ways. Through his hard work, determination, and love for family, he has set an example for me to follow and has shaped me into the person I am today. Besides setting an example for me he has become such an important person; due to the support he has given me in the hardest moments of my life, and because of all the sacrifices he has made to provide an education for me. That person is still living today and I am proud to call him, father.

Through his hard work my father has shown me that nothing in this is impossible in this life. Since he was a child the conditions in which he lived forced him to work to bring food to the table. He worked in the fields collecting corn and planting seeds along with most of his brothers. He never had a chance of going to school or getting a formal education, something he dreamed of doing. Even to this day I see with my own eyes how everyday my father comes home exhausted from working in construction, tired of working under the burning sun.

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However, every day he raises from his bed at six in the morning to head to the same work that tears him apart everyday with the sole purpose of providing an education for my brothers and me. His continuous struggle has motivated me to continue even in the hardest days, to stay up late finishing homework, to get up in the morning and head to school. To work hard and give my best to each single thing I do. With the sole purpose of making my father proud, to show him that all his endless days of hard work was worth it. To demonstrate to him that it is possible for us to get an education, something he never had the opportunity to do.

Not only his hard work but also his determination to give us a better future, and education, impacted me to continue working hard to achieve something he wished to do. I still remember when he used to tell me, “Study, make something of yourself; I don’t want to see you doing the same thing I do”. His determination to give us a better future forced him to leave his family behind and start a new life in a new country. Knowing that he had done all of this for me, made me realize how lucky I was of having such a unique opportunity to study and make someone out of myself.

This led me to change my attitude towards school, since until that moment I though school had no purpose. I had always set my mind on getting a job right after high school and just work to have a place of my own, however I realize that to become someone in life you have to be educated and go to college. My father has not only shaped me, but also has become one of the most important people in my life. He has always supported me, even when nobody believed in me, he has always been there and I always thank God because of that.

Through his hard work, determination and sacrifice my father has impacted me to become a hard working person since he always told me that hard work always paid off, not instantly but sooner or later. Also he taught me to appreciate everything I have, and to never get carried away by money, to get an education and become someone in life. He has become one of the most important persons in my life, because of the way he supports and understands me. My father has shaped me into the person I am today, and I will always be thankful for having him in my life.