The Pressure on Students to Get Good Grades Sample Essay

Academic life affairs greatly to every individual’s development. Many parents-to-be want their babes to go smart. and they try to make this by doing them listen to classical music even while inside the uterus. “Studies are demoing that babies exposed to classical music develop into smarter kids than those who do non hear the classics early on in life” ( Weiss 144 ) . While there are those who can be lax about their children’s academic public presentation. a batch of parents make it a point to concentrate on how their kids are making in school. They attend all parent meetings or activities. aid with assignments. and do agendas for their kids to follow.

Desiring pupils to make good in school is indispensable. as it can demo them that what they do in school and how they do it matters. This is particularly helpful to those who may look to hold troubles get bying in the academic environment. It can hike their assurance and assist them win greatly. It can do them make and go anything they want to be without anyone or anything seeking to restrict them.

However. giving excessively much attending is non ever positive. When parents or school functionaries try to coerce them to make their best. the pupils may experience excessively fed up and tired. Alternatively of experiencing motivated. they might make the antonym including non traveling to school. non paying attending in category. non making their preps or undertakings. non take parting in any excess curricular activities. and finally withdraw from everybody. The gravest thing that can go on when they feel excessively pressured from their school life is to perpetrate self-destruction. “Regardless of the intelligence degree of the pupil. academic force per unit area is a important cause of self-destructive behavior” ( qtd. in Miller 173 ) .

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Coercing pupils. no affair how immature or old they may be. does non merely impact their academic public presentation but besides their mental. emotional. and physical wellnesss. To do up for what they are sing. some of them may fall back to nutrient. They may either experience excessively pressured that they start to eat anything without believing or hunger themselves since they do non cognize how to cover with the emphasis. As a consequence. their wellness would endure. They may besides experience depressed when they do non run into the outlooks of those around them. They would experience worthless and would hold comparatively low self-prides.

While some pupils may fall back to withdrawal. others would show aggressive behaviour. choler. and rebellion. This normally happens when there is small communicating between the parents and the kids. Students would hold a difficult clip understanding why they have to invariably make better in school when they know they are making they best already. They would non understand why their parents compare them to the neighbor’s ain kids who are executing much better in school than them. More significantly. they would non understand it when parents try to populate the lives they wished they had through their childs. “Other kids are the victims of conditions brought approximately by grownups through their inability to get by with their ain lives. to chair their ain behaviour or to understand a child’s viewpoint” ( David 93 ) .

For the most portion. there is nil incorrect with seeking to do a pupil make his or her best in school. It is a manner of motive and it shows that parents care what their kids do in and out of the house. However. the line between promoting and coercing should be clearly distinguished by parents and academic organic structures. Encouragement increases a person’s assurance and willingness in the things that he or she does. Parents who encourage their kids when it comes to their academic life do non hold high outlooks.

They accept what their kids can or can non make and they help them get the better of their failings. “Parental support and encouragement are the most of import influences in the development of students’ aspirations” ( qtd. in Gumport 65 ) . On the contrary. coercing pupils may look like the best manner to acquire them to school and go successful but it will merely take to negative effects as stated earlier. Some might happen this successful but more frequently than non. pupils who are pressured fail in all facets.

Analyzing and making good in school is. without a uncertainty. the most of import thing that kids and immature grownups have to make. If they do non make this. the whole point of traveling to school is lost. Making good in school is a must for the bulk because it is their lone hope in going successful in life. This is why they do non necessitate the force per unit area that they get from their parents. society. and school. Coercing them merely makes the state of affairs worse. What they need is changeless support and reminder that whatever happens. they are still loved and worthy of what they have and who they are. Communication is indispensable between parents and pupils so that both parties would cognize their restrictions and outlooks.

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