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The research paper studied the sports-related marketing of food and beverages through sports in three major ways: sports sponsorship, athlete endorsement, and sports video game. These companies are imperceptibly targeted most of the youth today as their customers. The research shows the immense impact of food and beverages companies and by using these three major strategies in convincing the youth to buy their product and also affects the youth’s attitude and brand awareness. Moreover, the researchers conclude that unhealthy foods and beverages are the products promoting by these companies, then researchers argue that food and beverages companies should stop promoting unhealthy foods for they influence the healthful eating behavior.The purposes of the article stated clearly in the introduction. First, it aims to identify and describe food and beverages industries’ use of sports in marketing and describe the psychology of how food advertisement influence the perception and behaviors of children and adolescents. Second, it aims to provide guidance on how public health experts and policymakers should address the issue.A strength of the study is the wide and extensive review of the related literature and other studies. The researchers give the readers a clear the food product placement by the food company and in psychological aspect. Similarly, the three marketing strategies of the company are explained by using the previous and statistical study to well described on how different companies engage in and how the youth was influenced by them.The study applies the qualitative research methodology. The researchers gathered the appropriate data to show the examples. By showing the tables of examples and pictures, the information can clearly understand. Five famous companies are citing an example in a table to show their sponsorship and a short commercial description. Besides, another table is made to well indicate those professional athletes who are the spokesperson for the different product. In addition, the pictures of “M&M” can show the characters that really involved in video games and it gives the evidence that the children may attract to buy and play by their image. However there are also downsides, the study seems like affirm that all the companies that may engage in sponsorship promote only energy-dense and nutrient-poor products. Possibly the researchers may also consider the other products of the company.Through researcher’s findings, their purpose was further accomplished. The study shows that brand image and spokesperson have a big impact on consumers attitude and behavior in psychological product placement. In sponsorship, the bigger food companies will more likely engage in sports-related sponsorship. The food companies’ sponsorship with sports organization leads the children to buy that company’s product for it means to support their favorite teams. While in athlete endorsement, an example in this study states that ” Michael Jordan and Gatorade match up well because of the congruence between an athlete and a sports drink. Food and beverages company use professional athlete as a tool because their character and the good image will be more able to convince a parent to think that product is healthier. By the same taken, food companies use of celebrities athlete endorsement to get the attention of the adolescents. On the other hand, to prove that the targeted customers are children and adolescents, the study reveals that with those promoting products through sport video games are making their product as a part of the game. In the study states that ” A report of Kaiser Family Foundation (2016, as cited in Bragg & et. al.)found that 73% of the 82 food brands examined had an advergame available on their Web site.”The study focus on the effects of the three major ways influence the youth’s attitude and consuming behavior. Probably the study can give mention to the parents for how will they play a role in affect the children’s consuming behavior as a factor that may affect the children. The researchers give the way to policymakers and public experts in providing the guidance. It seems parent may be the one who manages this kind of problem before the policy will make. The study has achieved the purposes of researchers and all the information are direct to the point. It contributes more knowledge to people about the marketing strategies and it can catch the attention of the readers for it is a new and interesting topic. It informs that most of the product often promoted by food and beverages company are energy-dense and nutrient-poor. The research results show that the study is credible and effective.