The snapping turtles in hopes the population

The article, “First alligator snapping turtle in decades spotted in Illinois” by Don Babwin tells the reader about the incredibly rare, endangered species The Alligator Snapping Turtle.  The species has not been seen in over 30 years.  Last month, however, they found a 22 pound, wild, female alligator snapping turtle.  In a small creek in Illinois, scientists have been putting bred snapping turtles in hopes the population would repopulate itself. This was the first wild snapping turtle they had found since 1984.  The snapping turtle was found when graduate student Ethan Kessler was tracking a young male, put in the creek in Union County, Illinois about a year ago.  Imagine his surprise when, instead of pulling out a young male, he pulled out a 22 pound female.  The reason he pulled out the female, was because the water was murky and the male was right next to the female.  Scientists are rather annoyed the two got disturbed even though it was technology’s fault.  This is because the two turtles might have been attempting to repopulating.  While that may have been the case, scientists are more interested in hypothesizing how the female got to the creek.  The two hypotheses were that she was an avid traveler who traveled up the Mississippi, or that she was the last of the wild alligator snapping turtles in that area.  Whatever the reason, that discovery has been a huge breakthrough.  I chose this article because it is very relevant to me.  My extended family lives in Central Illinois, very near where the turtle was found.  Also because whenever I visit my other side of the family in Missouri, my grandma shows us the turtles. Oh, and one time I saw a snapping turtle that had to be at least 20 pounds.  This article relates to science because turtles are an animal in the phylum chordata, and that falls under the science category of biology.  This news is beneficial to anyone who cares about the environment and lives in Illinois.  Someone might apply this news to their daily life by being more aware of the news and what happens, scientifically, around them.  People should share and report this news using traditional news platforms and social media platforms.  They should because then environment should be cared for and everyone should know about what happens in relation to it.