The Sociological Perspective on Human Interaction Essay

The sociological perspective on human interaction and why I am taking is the course is very clear. With Criminal Justice is the interaction of all different types of people is a necessity. Understanding where people have come from, who they may have been influenced by, and what, they might have learned from these situations, comes into play.. Many different societies’ influence how a person has developed, socially, mentally, and in some cases physically. I don’t ever expect to get anything, but what I want to learn, and understand is how to handle situations, that I may encounter in life in general.

I work with all kinds of people, with all different kinds of social and emotional influences. Understanding of myself is very important to me, my life as a child and young adult, was very lonely. I was basically alone at the age of 14. I did not have the parental influence, which most children have. I have learned by watching and listening to others. Getting married at a very young age. My husband taught me as well as his family. I very much believe that from the beginning of life, an infant needs the nurturing of their mother, to learn how to love, understand what is right and wrong.

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In the business, that I am in, you can see every day the children that have been neglected by their parents, and have not gotten the necessary values of life. Our future depends on what we teach our children and how we raise and nuture them. Society today has accepted behaviors, which 30 years ago, was not. Just in having a baby at a young age. If girl had a baby say in high school, she had to leave school, and go to a school at night. Society pushed these girls into hiding because they thought if they could hide them others would not end up in the same way.

Now they have daycares at the schools, and these girls are getting more help than ever before. In some ways this is good. But society in some areas, have no choice, and in other areas, it is still looked down upon. Children coming from areas that are high in crime and bad influences believe they will never be able to have an education nor will they ever be able to leave that way of life. I see these children on a daily basis. Many children are being raised by other family members, not their parents. They believe it is their fault. When in reality it is not