The Strict Application of Natural Law Goes Against Common Sense Essay

The strict application of Natural Law goes against common sense Natural law is a theory that if we use reason, we can apply an eternal and absolute moral law. Aquinas believed that the application of this law can help us discover our purpose and achieve it while producing a perfect world. However there are those who believe that natural law can often create controversy and defy common sense. An advantage of Natural Law is how easy it can be made universal for all. It can be used as a universal guide for judging moral value of human actions.

Aquinas believed that all humans on this planet, despite difference in religion have an inner good. It was this that was implanted in everyone that mad Natural law so applicable to everyone and the common nature and morality of all people gives Natural Law its universality. Natural Law is a way of life. It is not simple a set of guidelines, Aquinas believed in five precepts. Aquinas not only said these were true but they applied to everyone without exception. They were Preservation of life, Reproduction, Education, Living in society and worshipping god. These five precepts are common in all cultures with the exception of Worship of god.

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If the strict application of these precepts can be made it creates an educated civilised community. These five precepts can be seen as the complete contrast of something going against common sense. Natural Law also provides support for many core ideas which are still popular in modern times. Natural Law concentrates on the human character and potential for goodness. Human rights and equality between sexes and races are all what Natural Law stands up for and which are still contested to this day. Natural Law not only stands up to it but teaches us that living in society is one of its key principles.

However Natural law does sometimes go wrong. For example in complex decisions it is difficult to relate to the five basic precepts of Aquinas. One of the precepts mentioned is the preservation of life. What if a young pre adolescent was to be raped and forced into pregnancy, Natural law teaches us that under the five precepts preservation of life must be put above all others. In this strict application of natural the young girl would not have the option of abortion and would have to be put through the suffering of both giving birth and the constant reminder of what happened.

This is Natural Law can seem to go against common sense. Natural law can also seem to rely too much on reason. By using reason we as humans decide the consequences of complex situations. However the human mind is open to corruption. Is it not better to live our lives out not form the reasoning of man, but from the scriptures and revelations? Although the Five precepts were created by Aquinas can we really now the reason to why a Precept was created. For example was the primary reason for sex to procreate or to enhance a couple’s relationship. Scientific research o the clitoris would suggest otherwise.