The term web 2.0 Essay


The term Web 2.0 is associated with a new coevals of applications and services which allow users of the cyberspace to pass on with each other, portion information, and besides do concern in new ways. Nowadays websites do non merely incorporate inactive information, they make it possible for people to join forces, portion information, and make new services online. ( ( Laundon and Laundon 2007 ) . The term web 2.0 came from Tim O ‘ Reilly and Dale Dougherty in 2004. Tim 0 ‘ Reilly ‘s definition of Web 2.0 is ;

“ Web 2.0 is the web as a platform, crossing all affiliated devices ; web 2.0 applications are those that make the most of the intrinsic advantages of that platform ; presenting package as a continually – updated service that gets better the more people use it, devouring and blending informations from multiple beginnings, including single users, while supplying their ain informations and services in a signifier that allows remixing by others, making web effects through an ‘architecture of engagement ; and traveling beyond the page metaphor of web 1.0 to present rich user experiences ” ( O ‘ Reilly 2004 )

The chief constituents which are associated with web 2.0 consist of Blogs, Wikis, societal bookmarking, Multimedia sharing, societal networking, RRS, podcasting and mashups. A Blog which is a popular term for a weblog which allows users to print narratives, sentiments, and links to other web sites of involvement. A web log can be seen as an on-line diary or diary ; these are frequently hosted on a 3rd party web site. The of import characteristic about web logs is that they allow readers to go forth remarks on single entries. A Wiki on the other manus is a collaborative web site which allows users to add, delete or alter the content on the site. A good known illustration of a Wiki is Wikipedia, which is an on-line encyclopedia which allows anyone to lend, as they can make and redact entries. Another constituent of Web 2.0 is societal bookmarking which allows cyberspace users to pull off lists of bookmarks that can be shared with others. These lists are frequently stored online so that people can entree them from any location and they can easy be shared. Multimedia sharing describes services by which users can portion snap, videos, and other types of media. For illustration on Facebook users can print exposure, pictures and articles to portion with other people. Social networking sites allow users to make profiles online which can be linked to those of other members. These profiles can incorporate different things such as music, web log entries, picture cartridge holders, exposure, and pages with information about themselves. Examples of societal networking sites include MySpace which encourages people to interact with each other. RRS ( Truly Simple Syndication ) is a specification for printing paperss which contain information which is on a regular basis updated, such as intelligence narratives. Information which is published in RRS format is called a provender, and these can be read utilizing an up to day of the month web browser or an RRS feeder. Podcasting involves sharing media files utilizing the cyberspace in the same manner as RRS provenders. Most podcasts are audio files in MP3 format and so are compatible with media participants such as iPods. Mashups are web applications which mix informations from several different beginnings to make an wholly new service or application. The term Mashup has become popular in web 2.0 sites that combine the characteristics or maps of one web site with another. The most common mashups involve maps, but there are besides video, exposure, hunt, shopping and intelligence mashups. The informations used to make a Mashup is typically obtained from a 3rd party web site such as Microsoft or Google.

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One manner in which web 2.0 is used in modern concern is associated with advertisement. Since cyberspace users have become more sophisticated, concern have found that the old and traditional attacks to advertisement are no longer appropriate and so hold looked for new ways to publicize. For illustration Google AdWords has become a popular method of advertisement. Whenever a hunt is carried out utilizing Google, a series of sponsored links are shown following to the hunt consequences. These links depend on the hunt term used and advertizers pay to tie in peculiar words with their advertizements. For illustration Topshop usage Google AdWords as a manner of advancing themselves, words such as ‘fashion ‘ when typed into Google will convey up a nexus to Topshop. Another manner in which Topshop makes usage of web 2.0 is through their Blog, where top store portions the latest intelligence, events, exposures and manner with their clients. It is a “ topographic point to portion all the things we find animating ” ( insideout.topshop ) . Peoples can notice on the entries made, sharing their sentiments, and interact with each other. A new manner in which Topshop is utilizing web 2.0 is through their latest Topshop wireless, “ the perfect manner to acquire our in shop vibration from the comfort of your ain place ” ( Topshop ) . This is similar to a podcast where media files are shared an updated every twosome of hebdomads. Peoples can listen to the wireless on their Ipods if they wanted to. This shows how Web 2.0 allows concerns to pass on and interact more with their clients, web 2.0 provides much more of a societal environment and provides new advanced ways of making concern with clients. Topshop is besides on Facebook, a societal networking web site, where they can link with their clients. “ Here you ‘ll acquire to hear about the latest intelligence and tendencies and have the chance to acquire involved with some exciting occurrences ” ( Facebook, Topshop ) . Peoples can go fans of Topshop on Facebook, and can utilize the wall to go forth remarks on points of vesture they like, leave reappraisals, position and remark on the images. Top store can publicize their publicities such as pupil price reduction and do people cognizant of what ‘s new in stock etc.


The value concatenation theoretical account high spots specific activities in the concern where competitory schemes can best be applied ( Porter 1985 ) . These activities can either be primary activities or support activities for illustration gross revenues and selling is a primary activity, and every bit mentioned before Web 2.0 brings a new attitude towards how concern promote their merchandises. It is likely that the cyberspace will be used more in the hereafter to publicize and link with the clients ; this adds value in footings of the value concatenation theoretical accounts as advertisement online and through societal networking sites which is going progressively popular. Furthermore it is said that By 2012, “ Facebook will go the hub for societal web integrating and web socialization ” ( Gartner 2010 ) . This could assist the concern value concatenation as studies and questionnaires can be completed through such sites salvaging concerns money and besides assisting the environment. Harmonizing to Gartner the entire figure of computing machines being used will make 1.78 billion units in 2013. ( Gartner 2010 ) This means more people will utilize the cyberspace and cyberspace shopping will besides go on to turn, assisting concern to salvage costs. Support activities on the other manus make the bringing of the primary activities possible, for illustration human recourses is a support activity, the increased usage of Facebook and other societal networking sites could suit into the value concatenation in footings of human resorts through utilizing these societal networking sites to filtrate occupation applications.