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The best to respond to conflict would be action. This essay will inform how people can use action to respond to conflict. The cited sources such as “Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow” , “Elie Wiesel” and “Japanese Relocation During WWII”. The next paragraphs will reveal how people can best respond to conflict by taking action because it would bring awareness to the problem, action could also have groups of people to disagree or agree with the choice. Lastly, action could isolate the problem to not harm anyone.The first way to be using action to respond to conflict would to get attention the major problem. By getting attention to the problem you are able to get more people know about the problem and want to help to solve the problem. In the source “Elie Wiesel, by The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum” it states,”Its mission is to advance the cause of human rights and peace throughout the world by creating a new forum for the discussion of urgent ethical issues confronting humanity.” This quote points out that Elie Wiesel got attention to the discrimination of the Jews and he wanted to give the Jews human rights and peace with humanity. In addiction, “Elie Wiesel” displays,”Wiesel’s efforts to defend human rights and peace throughout the world” and this state exemplifies that Wiesel wanted the whole world to know about this discrimination problem. Some people would state the Elie Wiesel did not truly support the help for the Jews but this would be completely false because Elie Wiesel did all his work on this problem for heart because he cared about the Jew’s rights and he is also a Jew knowing the pain and terror the concentration camps brought. Having someone who protected the Jewish people’s right, now someone how took action against Jewish people. Action would be a great response to conflict because it shows who supports you on the actions you take and who doesn’t support. The way Adolf Hitler took action, he was able to identify which citizens are his enemies and which side with his actions in education. Hitler wanted to change the national education to his own type of learning so he could teach children how to be Nazis. The source,”Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow” has stated that,”The Nazis wanted to ensure that the teachers were politically reliable and supported the National Socialist Party and its principles. To accomplish this end, teachers were given a choice: Either join the National Socialist Teachers’ Alliance and train the students in National Socialism or be dismissed.” Adolf Hitler was able to take action in the educational department and found which teachers agreed with his changes and which teachers disagreed. In more detail, he wanted the children to turn into Nazis at an early age or at school when they had their classes. Hitler needed the teachers to get the “education” to the students but some of the teachers would not cooperate with him and Hitler was able to spot out his enemies when his changed the education. Another statement “Hitler Youth” had was, “Some teachers quit rather than join the Nazis. Those who refused to quit were dealt with harshly.” This statement clarifies that Hitler needed the teachers to teach the students his education so they can be molded into Nazis. Not all teachers agreed with the change and would ,”quit rather than join the Nazis” so Hitler found his enemies by giving them options and the ones who did not take the option were the ones who did not support Hitler. People would say that Hitler only gave one option to the teachers which would to be joining the Nazis but not necessarily. The teachers could have chose the option of not joining the Nazis but unfortunately would be dealt with harshly and be pressured by the Hitler Youth. The Nazis had concentration camps as action and America had internment camps as action. A way to respond to conflict with action is by isolating the problem, which the U.S. did in 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The government isolated all Japanese citizens in America to protect american soil and stop sabotages that the Japanese would supposedly do. In the source “Japanese Relocation During WWII” points out, “Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt as commander-in-chief, issued Executive Order 9066, which had the effect of relocating all persons of Japanese ancestry, both citizens and aliens, inland, outside of the Pacific military zone. The objectives of the order were to prevent espionage”, this quote implies that Roosevelt created the Executive Order to relocation the Japanese-American citizens away from any civilization and stop they for supposedly sabotages. President Roosevelt made the order as his way to isolate the problem from society. “Japanese Relocation During WWII” also states,””Roosevelt’s order affected 117,000 people of Japanese descent, two-thirds of whom were native-born citizens of the United States…numbering 70,000 American citizens at the time of internment.” The order effects so many lives from this isolation but the ones being isolated were the ones who were loyal to the U.S.. The order have any american with Japanese background to be kicked out of society and into internment camps. The Executive Order was for any race that will try to harm the country, parts of it or the people then the law would affect them but the law was only focusing on Japanese citizens which would be racial profiling.  People could have a counterargument that the President did best for the protection of the country but the law stated that it would be used to defend the country and any type of citizens but it really only focused on the Japanese and the authorities said to the Japanese that it was for their own good but they knew it was for the Americans, and found out that they were a threat to America even though they were loyal to America.In the end, taking action would be a great move against a conflict but it comes with consequences and also good outcomes. Action was able to bring  awareness to the problem,  have groups of people to disagree or agree with the choice so you are able to find your allies and enemies, action could isolate the problem to not harm anyone so possibly many other outcomes for action.