The Total Harmonic Distortion of the converters

term electrical power quality  refers to
maintaining the  fundamental sinusoidal
waveform of power distortion of voltage and current waveform at rated magnitude
and frequency.  Increase in the use of
power electronic device as well as induction furnace, increases the harmonics
level. It affects the  power system
stability, reliability. To avoid such effects it is important to asset the
power quality. Power quality problems occur due to various types of electrical
disturbances. Most of the disturbances depend on the amplitude or
frequency.  Effects of harmonic include
overheating of transformers, motors and cables. In addition, the life span of
many devices is reduced. Thus we have used passive filter to mitigate
harmonics.  A harmonic is a sinusoidal
component of a periodic wave having a frequency that is an integral multiple of
the fundamental frequency. The main sources of harmonics in power systems has
been the static power converter used as rectifiers, adjustable speed drives,
switched-mode supplies, frequency changers for induction heating. Fortunately,
the available software for harmonic analysis has also grown.

Rooh Ul Amin Shaikh, Abdul Bashit
Lashari and Irfan Ansari et all1
has proposed a “Harmonic
Analysis and Mitigation using Passive Filter”. This is basically
concerned with the Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonics generated by Power
Electronic Converters. The investigation of harmonics has been carried out
using Fast Fourier Transform to evaluate the Total Harmonic Distortion of the
converters with and without filters.

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Sahana C B et all2 has presented a paper “Study on Mitigation of Harmonics by Passive
Filter and Active Filter”. With the rapid developments and use of
nonlinear loads, the controlling technique is important over the harmonic. This
paper presents an efficient model to compensate the current harmonics using the
inverter based Active Power Filter, Passive Power Filter, and the combination of